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Design and Engineering General

Boiler Control Systems Design and Overview
Boiler Control Systems Design and Overview. Criteria for the design of heating plant instrumentation. A heating plant contains one or more boilers.
Heat Treatment Iron and Steel
Heat Treatment and Properties of Iron and Steel. Introduction, Properties of iron, Alloys of iron and carbon, Decomposition of ausenite, Heat treatment of steels, Hardenability..
Design Rules Vacuum Chambers
Producing a vacuum chamber means defining the boundary conditions (inner and outer envelopes, operational constraints, etc.), choosing the material, designing the parts, manufacturing and assembling these parts together and putting them under vacuum. This paper gives the methodology, methods and hints for designing vacuum chambers.
Details Machine Tool Design No. 14
Details of Machine Tool Design No. 14, Elementary Principles of Cone Pulleys and Belts, Cone Pulley Radii, Strength of Countershafts, Tumbler Gear Design...
Fastener Design Engineering Manual , NASA
Fastener Design Manual, NASA, Fastener Materials, Plating's and Coatings, Thread Lubricants, Corrosion, Locking Methods...
Design for Pipe and Tube Forming
Basic Engineering Considerations, Application Requirements, Ductility of Material, Radius of Bends, Thickness of Material, Geometry, Common Bend Types
Aircraft Hydaulics Systems
Hydraulic systems in aircraft, the operation of aircraft components and system.
Elements of Metric Gear Design
This document presents the Elements of Metric Gear Design.Gears are some of the most important elements used in machinery. There are few mechanical devices that do not have the need to transmit power and motion between rotating shafts. Gears not only do this most satisfactorily, but can do so with uniform motion and reliability.
Corrosion Cathodic Design for Protection
This document presents design guidance for cathodic protection systems. Corrosion is an electrochemical process in which a current leaves a structure at the anode site, passes through an electrolyte, and re-enters the structure at the cathode site.

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