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Thread: Manufacturing options for piece attached

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    Manufacturing options for piece attached

    Hi all,

    Coming outside of engineering, I'm looking for advice on my options to get something like this manufactured:

    The sizes are not final, and can be adjusted to what's feasible.
    That being said, the sample in the picture is 4"x2.5", its thickness is 0.05125" (1/32" opening + 2x0.01" walls), the holes are 1" wide and go 2.375" deep.

    The "card" is a pocket holder: one would put things in it, and carry it around in his/her pocket or bag.

    I'm interested in the options to get this done both in plastic or metal.

    The prototype I have is made from laser cut plastic sheets glued together, but I don't believe that that process would scale well.
    Also, I have no clue, if this layering is possible for metals.

    Any feedback or pointers are welcome.

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