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Finite Elements Program Z88 for Windows and UNIX Download
Z88 is a fast, powerful and compact Finite Elements Analysis Program especially designed for PCs running the great LINUX, workstations and large computers with UNIX and PCs with WindowsXP/95. Z88 features 20 finite element types covering plane stress, plate bending, axial symmetric structures and spacial structures up to 20-node Serendipity hexahedrons. Z88 comes with a user-friendly interface, a powerful mesh generator, a DXF-converter, two plot programs and, of course, two powerful solvers. Import of COSMOS files from Pro/ENGINEER and Pro/MECHANICA is supported. The new version Z88 11.0 is GNU-GPL Freeware.

VAPAS Download
Variational Asymptotical Plate and Shell Analysis (VAPAS) can be used to model composite plates and shells to calculate the generalized two-dimensional stiffness matrices as inputs for two-dimensional plate/shell analysis and recover the 3-D displacement/strain/stress distributions through the thickness. Platforms: All PC platforms, Mac and Unix/Linux. Source code available for US residents.

VABS Download
Variational Asymptotical Beam Sectional Analysis (VABS) is a cross-sectional analysis tool to calculate the cross-sectional properties (neutral axes, centroid, center of gravity, shear center, classical beam model, Timoshenko beam model, and Vlasov beam model) for a slender structure with arbitrary geometry made with arbitrary material. and recover the 3-D strain and stress fields distribution throughout the cross section.

A comprehensive FE package with a wide range of applications, including fluids, solids, ground water flow, the wave equation, and the convection-diffusion equation. Platform: Most systems running Unix/Linux (compile from C++ source). MicroSoft Windows. Includes many sophisticated features, including mesh refinement (h and p), parallelisation, contact analysis, interaction analysis, quasi-static and dynamic analysis, ans non-local (gradient) calculations for softening materials). Solids models include elasticity, plasticity, damage, thermal stresses, hypoelasticity, viscoelasticity and viscoplasticity, Large strain/deformation capabilities are included using both Lagrangian, Eulerian and mixed formulations

COSHELL Download
For linear stress, linearized buckling, natural vibration, nonlinear and post-buckling analysis of stiffened composite cylindrical shells using the Layerwise Shell Theory. Modified Riks method used in postbuckling algorithm.

SEM2DPACK Download
2D Spectral Element Method code (in Fortran 90) and utilities for the study of seismic wave propagation in sedimentary basins and earthquake dynamics. It evolved from a 2D code written by Dimitri Komatitsch and Jean-Pierre Vilotte in the mid 90s.

San Le's Free Finite Element Analysis Download
A freely available finite element package, with 2D and 3D structural analysis capability. Platform: Linux or other UNIX platform. Requires a C compiler and MESA or similar GL or OpenGL library. PERL is recommended.

ParaFEM Download
ParaFEM is a parallel finite element code using MPI. Platforms: Written in Fortran 90/95. Binaries available for SGI, Windows, and Linux.

OFELI (Object Finite Element LIbrary)
An Object Finite Element LIbrary of C++ classes for the development of finite element codes. Platforms: The C++ source code compiles on Unix and Windows systems. The OFELI library includes mesh manipulation tools, a variety of matrix storage schemes, direct and preconditioned iterative solvers, a range of shape functions, element arrays for standard problems, and classes for standard formulations (transient, non-linear etc). Documentation is provided.

Nonlinear Finite Element Toolbox (NLFET) Download
NLFET is a nonlinear finite element toolbox for MATLAB released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). The toolbox provides a framework for setting up, solving, and interpreting results for nonlinear static and dynamic finite element analysis.

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