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Electrical and Electronics Excel Calculators

Electrical Distribution Transformer Spreadsheet Calculator
Electrical Distribution Transformer Spreadsheet Calculator. This excel spreadsheet will calculate a number of variables required to properly size a transformer. Primary voltage, secondary voltage, maximum demand load (kW), over current protective circuit breaker...
Binary Number Converter
Binary Number Converter Download spreadsheet Converts to BCD
PID Controller Simulation Spread Sheet
This excel spreadsheet simulates a control loop consisting of a first order process with deadtime and a PID controller.
Voltage Drop & Cable Size for Motor or Electrical Load Calculator
Voltage Drop & Cable Size for Motor or Electrical Load Calculator. Well laid out and easy to use spread sheet. Should be useful when designing and verifying cabling requirements for industrial and home applications.
Estimate your electrical consumption, load and costing calculator
Estimate your electrical consumption, load and costing excel calculator
Minimum Insulation Resistance Excel Calculator
Determine the following: Calculate minimum Insulation Resistance Value for Various Electrical Equipment Calculate IR Value of Electrical Equipments Graph of IR Value Calculate Polarization Index Value with Graph Calculate Earth Resistivity
Electrical Load & Energy Consumption Calculator
Electrical Load & Energy Consumption Calculator. Calculate Continuous and non Continuous Electrical Load of Panel. Calculate total Energy Consumption(KWH) in Daily/Monthly of Panel. Calculate Size of MCB of each branch circuit of Panel.
Bus Bar Voltage Drop Calculator
You can do the following with this calculator: Determine voltage drop of bus bar Bus bar size for the given load Document sub panel details, such as load and length
Electric Motor Starting Calculations
This excel spreadsheet will determine a number of variables, such as: motor started with a specified generator rating Rating of the generator Voltage drop during starting Cable sizing

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