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Electroplating Standards and Specifications

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Electroplating is a finishing process which a metallic coating is deposited onto a part. Specifications may be required and be provided on the engineering drawing delivered to the electroplater services provider. Electroplating standards vary from industry and application requirements. Electroplating services companies may offer and recommend internal-company specific grades or quality depending on purchaser requirements. 

Electroplating may be applied for decorative use by applying fine gold or silver for protecting and enhancing the base metal appearance. Less expensive gold or silver plated jewelry is commonly available as a less expensive alternative for consumers.  A wide selection of gold finishes varying in color, hardness, and plating thickness is available to consumers

Other industry standards:

MIL-G-45204 - Electroplating Gold

British Standard BS 4641 provides detail methods for specifying requirements for electroplated / electroplating  of chromium on ferrous and non-ferrous metals for engineering and manufacturing purposes.

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