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Electrical Generators

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I am investigating various ways to design a human power electrical generator. Apart from the giggles I get , I believe there will be a genuine future for such applications. As such I am looking for any broad thoughts from all disciplines on this area. For example, the idea that you can' t get a free lunch when it comes to energy conversion, any thoughts? I would be very keen to get any info on the basic physical issues that govern the turning of a typical modern generator- how much it weighs, what sort of input energy is required to initiate it and then maintain it, fluctuations in demand. Basically I'm a crazy designer but its us guys that prove the theorists right in the end! Ant input would be appreciated even advice on reading materials, bearing in mind that I am intelligent but I am only conversant to HND level with regard to M&E principles.

Kind Regards

Brian McKerrow