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I am a student at Central Oregon Community Collage. I am doing a project in my Engineering class about solar water heaters. I am gathering information about the heat loss of flat plate solar collector. I would like to find general equations that will help me to predict the heat loss. I know they are complicated so any simple explanations about where to plug in data for variables would be appreciated. If you also know of a site, book, or magazine that will help in my research please let me know. I have found that black chrome Ni plated steel is very efficient in absorbing heat from the sun with a very low loss. (0.95, 0.09) If you have any specs you are willing to send to me that pertain to this topic I would very much appreciate it. If you need more information please let me know and I will do my best to provide that for you. Thank you. Phone 514-420-4063 Email lane_keener@cocc.edu Mailing address 1310 NW 9th street Bend Or. 97701 USA