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Speaker Cabinet Design

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Hello engineers!

I'm working on an undergraduate thesis project regarding speaker cabinet design. The focus of the project is on reducing the vibrations in the cabinet. This is going to be done via finite element modelling in ANSYS. So far I've found that the vibrations are excited from: 1) reaction force between the speaker driver and surrounding air which is passed back into the cabinet, and 2) the pressurization and de-pressurization of the speaker cabinet. I'm now at the point where I need to figure out a way of modelling these two forces in ANSYS. I think I can figure out the force being transmitted through the driver chassis, but the pressurization seems a little more complicated. I know there will be transmision and reflect on the insides of the cabinet, but how do I model where the pressure waves hit the cabinet? Or should I simply model the pressure inside the cabinet as uniform with position but only varying with time? If you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!

email: ryan.bessey@utoronto.ca