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Aerospace Design Engineering

Solar Sail Design and Fabrication Assessment
Spinning Sail Blade, Square Sail Blade study and evaluation of designs and fabrication methods, equipment, facilities, economics, schedules, etc., for the square sail sheet alternate. Those efforts and the work accomplished, until redirected to focus attention on the spinning sail blade alternate, are documented in Section II of this report.
Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Loads Introduction
Aeroelasticity is the study of the interaction of aerodynamic, elastic and inertia forces. For fixed wing aircraft there are two key areas...
Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering
Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering covers an undergraduate, introductory course to aeronautical engineering and aims at combining theory and practice to provide a comprehensive, thorough introduction to the fascinating, yet complex discipline of aerospace engineering.
Aerospace Design Engineers Guide
Aerospace Design Engineers Guide, AIAA, This Design Guide provides the design engineer with reference data that can be used during the execution of systems analyses, trade studies, and detailed designs.

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