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Power Transmission Shaft under Fatigue Loading Using ASME Code
Based on American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Standard B106.1M:1985
Analysis of Stress and Deformation
he mechanics of deformable bodies deals with the stresses and strains produced in bodies by external actions. In its practical aspects, the subject deals with such questions as how large a force can a body withstand without collapsing; how far out of shape will the body be deformed by the action of prescribed forces; what is the most efficient shape of the body for withstanding the forces?
Theoretical Mechanics, Kinematics, Dynamics and Static's
It is the purpose of this book to present an account of Newtonian mechanics and its applications. Includes 720 Solved Problems with an introduction to Lagrange's Equations and Hamiltonian Theory
Engineering Design Handbook Automatic Weapons Guns
This handbook presents and discusses procedures normally practiced for the design of automatic weapons, and explores the problems stemming from the functions of each weapon and its components. It is intended to assist and guide the designer of automatic weapons of the gun type, and to contain pertinent design information and references.
Buckling Rectangular Column
Buckling of a rectangular column on the basis of Murnaghan's formula for strain energy
Torsional Stability of Aluminum Alloy Seamless Tubing
Torsion tests were made on 51ST aluminum-alloy seam- less tubes having diameter-to- thickness ratios of from 77 to 139 and length-to-diameter' ratios of from 1 to 60.

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