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Ball Bearings Design, Construction, and Mounting

Ball Bearings Design, Construction, and Mounting
Henry Hess
Prof. Stribeck
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Open: Ball Bearings Design, Construction, and Mounting

Ball Bearings Design, Construction, and Mounting consists of an abstract a paper by Mr. Henry Hess, presented before the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It is of particular interest and value, because; although the field of usefulness of the ball bearing is as wide as the domain of mechanical engineering, but little information on ball bearings can be found in the engineering hand books or text books Generally, the subject is dismissed with occasional reference. Sometimes a formula for carrying capacity is given, but this is usually wrong. There is, of course, much matter scattered through the technical press giving isolated experiences with a few bearings that happen to come within some one's observation. But, undoubtedly, the insufficient in- formation on the elements of ball bearings is responsible for the directly contradictory statements to be found, and the generally accepted opinion that ball bearings are suitable only for comparatively light loads. This was the situation found by Prof. Stribeck, a German investigator, who has been . experimenting with ball bearings for the German Small Arms and Ammunition Factories, of Berlin. The present chapter is a resume of Prof. Stribeck's report, together with a number of notes based on Mr. Hess' own experience.


  • Principles of Ball Bearings, by Henry Hess
  • Design and Construction of Ball Bearings, by ASHER GOLDEN
  • The Mounting of Ball Bearings, by F. H. POOR
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