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Handbook of Mechanical Design

Machine Design and Engineering

Handbook of Mechanical Design
Pages 286
by George F. Nordenholt, Joseph Kerr, and John Sasso

Open: Handbook of Mechanical Design
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Many engineering departments, perhaps most, compile and keep up to date a manual which may be called the standards book, reference book, engineering department standards, or which may be given some other name. Also, many design engineers build their own book or manual. In such books will be found a vast fund of engineering data and many methods of design procedure not found in existing handbooks.

When Product Engineering was launched as a publication to serve the design engineers, it was obvious to the editors that a great service could be rendered to the profession by gathering and publishing data, information, and design procedures such as are contained in engineering department manuals. Thus, the first number of Product Engineering in January, 1930, contained a reference-book sheet for design calculations, a feature which has been continued in practically every number. Soon afterward, there was added to Product Engineering’s editorial content another regular feature, a two-page spread illustrating standard constructions, possible variations by which to achieve a desired result, and similar design standards covering constructions, drives, and controls.

It was soon found impossible to meet all the requests for additional copies of reference-book sheets and design standards. The demand continued to increase and numerous readers suggested that the material be compiled into book form and published. It was in answer to this demand that the authors compiled this book.

Other than the major portion of the chapter on materials and a few other pages that have been added to round out the treatment of certain subjects, all the material in this book appeared in past numbers of Product Engineering, although some of it has been condensed or re-edited. Very little of the material in this book can be found in the conventional handbooks, for this Handbook of Mechanical Design contains practically no explanations of theoretical design. It confines itself to practical design methods and procedures that have been in use in engineering design departments.


Preface . v
CHAPTER I Charts and Tables. 1
CHAPTER II Materials.33
CHAPTER III Beams and Structures.71
CHAPTER IV Latches, Locks, and Fastenings.95
CHAPTER V Springs.121
CHAPTER VI Power Transmission Elements and Mechanisms.151
CHAPTER VII Drives and Controls.207 CHAPTER VIII Design Data on Production Methods.251 vii

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