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Leaf Springs Design and Analysis

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Design and Analysis of Leaf Springs using FEA Approach

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Design and Analysis of Leaf Springs using FEA Approach

This is a general study the design and analysis of leaf spring. The suspension system in a vehicle significantly affects the behavior of vehicle. Leaf springs are subjected to millions of varying stress cycles loading to fatigue failure. Leaf springs are special kind of springs used in automobile suspension systems. The main function of leaf spring is not only to support vertical load but also to isolate road induced vibrations. The present work attempts to linear Static analysis determines the safe stress and corresponding pay load of the leaf spring and analyze the safe load of the leaf spring. Which will indicate the speed at which a comfortable speed and safe drive is possible. A typical leaf spring configuration of TATA-407 light commercial vehicle is chosen for study. Finite element analysis has been carried out to determine the safe stresses and pay loads and done the simulation also.

Leaf Spring Design

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