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Moment Effect on the Bolts Circular Distribution in the End-plate Connection

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Considering the Moment Effect on the Bolts’ Circular Distribution in the End-plate Connection

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Open: Moment Effect on the Bolts' Circular Distribution in the End-plate

In steel structures, the use of moment connections is widespread. Moment connections can strongly influence the construction cost, which made engineers and researchers pay a great deal of attention to the design and construction of these connections. These efforts have resulted in a great variety of connection types that can be designed and executed safely. However, with the increased complexity of architectural designs nowadays, many structural designs face difficulties in the design of connections which have no clear reference in the design manuals. This paper covers one of these cases by introducing a practical way to consider the moment effect on the bolts’ circular distribution in the End-plate connection, an area that was not covered in the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) design manual .

A Moment connection is designed to safely transfer bending forces, shear forces, and normal forces. The design strength of moment connections is defined in relation to the design strength of the connected members. The design strength of moment connections can be partial-strength (where the moment capacity of the connections is less than the capacity of the connected members)...


Amer Hamad Issa Abukhalaf, Florida Institute for Built Environment Resilience,
M.E. Rinker, Sr. School of Construction Management, College of design construction and planning, University of Florida