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Pressure Losses for Fluid Flow in 90° Pipe Bends

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Pressure Losses for Fluid Flow in 90° Pipe Bends - Research

K. Hilding Beij.
Part of Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards,

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Open: Pressure Losses for Fluid Flow in 90° Pipe Bends

Pressure losses were determined for nine 4-inch steel, 90° pipe bends of radii from 6 to 80 inches. The results are discussed in relation to those found by previous investigators under comparable test conditions. For bends having radii of four pipe diameters or less, all the results which are discussed may be correlated on the basis of pipe roughness. Further data are needed to establish a working formula. No correlation could be obtained for the bends of larger radii. For such bends the maximum published values should be used in engineering work until more comprehensive data become available.


I. Introduction 1
1. Purpose of work 1
2. Statement of problem 2
3. Previous work 3

II. Pipes and bends 3

III. Apparatus 4

IV. Experimental results 6
1. Resistance coefficients for straight pipe 6
2. Bend coefficients 8
3. Tangent coefficients 11
4. Deflection coefficients14

V. Discussion of results 15
1. Rusting of pipes 15
2. Pipe joints 15
3. Bend coefficient 15
4. Tangent coefficient 18
5. Deflection coefficient 18

VI. Futurework 18
VII. References 18

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