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Design for Manufacturability and Assembly DFM DFMA Premium Resources
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Design for Brazing Book
Brazing is the joining of metals through the use of heat and a filler metal – one whose melting temperature is above 840°F (450°C) but below the melting point of the metals being joined. (A more exact name for the brazing process discussed in this book may be "silver brazing," since in most cases the filler metal used is a silver alloy.
Design for 3D Metal Sintering Printing
Direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) process is Sometimes referred to as metal 3d printing or a metal 3d printer, DMLS uses a laser beam to melt 20-40 micron layers of metal powder on top of each other to create metal parts.
Design for Compression Molding Plastics Thermosets
Compression molding compounds of thermosetting materials, or thermosets, when subjected to heat and pressure within the confines of a mold, cure or set into an infusible mass . An irreversible chemical change, involving the cross-linking of molecules of the material , takes place, and a solid part is formed .
Design for Machining Fiberglass and Composites
Machining Composites poses unique challenges for manufacturing and design engineering to meet an end items requirements. Composites are group of materials that include Random Fiber, Prepreg, intermediate Layers and Vacuum Bag construction.
Design for Thermoforming Vacuum
The process of evacuating air from the sealed space between the hot sheet and the mold, thus allowing atmospheric pressure (14.7 p.s.i .) to force the sheet to conform with the contour of the mold.
Projection Welding Review and Design Considerations
Projection welding is an electric resistance welding process that produces welds by the heat obtained from the resistance to the flow of the welding current. The resulting welds are localized at predetermined points by projections, embossments, or intersections
Cost of Welding Review Equation and Calculator
Welding costs can be estimated using one of three basic approaches : Cost per unit. Cost per length. Cost per weight.
Die Casting Dimensional Design and Tolerances
High pressure die casting tooling and component design and dimensional tolerances.

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