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Design Rationale Documentation Capture Tool to Support Design Verification and Re-use
Becky L. Hooey, Jonny Carlos da Silva, and David C. Foyle
San Jose State University at NASA Ames Research Center,
Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina (UFSC)
NASA Ames Research Center
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A design rationale tool (DR tool) was developed to capture design knowledge to support design verification and design knowledge re-use. The design rationale tool captures design drivers and requirements, and documents the design solution including: intent (why it is included in the overall design); features (why it is designed the way it is); information about how the design components support design drivers and requirements; and, design alternatives considered but rejected. For design verification purposes, the tool identifies how specific design requirements were met and instantiated within the final design, and which requirements have not been met.

Design Rationale

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