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DC AC Motors Types and Applications

Electric Motors, Generators and Drives

DC/AC Motors Types and Applications
Engr. M. UsmanSardar
M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering
Department of Electrical Engineering

Open: DC/AC Motors Types and Applications
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Energy Conversion schemes are the key ideas (Electromechanically Energy conversion). Energy conversation are mainly Electrical Energy to Mechanical or Mechanical Energy to electrical energy.


1. Types of motors (AC & DC Machines)
2. Synchronous motor SM (3φSM is not Self start motor)
3. Single phase (1φ)Induction Motors IM (1φIM is not Self Start)
4. Types of Single phase Induction motor
5. Universal Motor (Series DC motor operated on both AC & DC)
6. Switched Reluctance (SR) motors,
7. Hysteresis motors
8. Stepper motors
9. Brushless DC motors (BLDC).

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