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Heat Transfer

Heat and Thermodynamics
When the first edition of "Heat and Thermodynamics" appeared thirty years ago, it was intended for students preparing for careers in physics, in chemistry, and in all branches of engineering. It was designed for sophomores, or at most juniors, and was meant to be a first introduction to the principles and subject matter of thermodynamics.
Thermodynamic Applications
Earlier editions of “ Thermodynamics” by the late Professor J. E. Emswiler of the University of Michigan were received with such general approval it seemed unadvisable not to offer a new edition with some additions and revision necessitated by recent developments in the presentation of the subject.
Treatise on Thermodynamics Dr. Max Planck
The oft-repeated requests either to publish my collected papers on Thermodynamics, or to work them up into a comprehensive treatise, first suggested the writing of this book.
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics
Thermodynamic tables, superheated vapor at progressively lower densities, ideal gas and ideal gas mixtures focuses on unit mass basis
Thermal Conductivity Theory , Properties, and Applications
Thermal Conductivity Theory, Properties, and Applications
Principles of Refrigeration
Thermodynamic processes, Saturated and superheated vapors, Psychrometric properties of air, Refrigeration and the vapor compression system
Heat Transfer Practical Approach
In engineering practice, an understanding of the mechanisms of heat transfer is becoming increasingly important since heat transfer plays a crucial role in the design of vehicles, power plants, refrigerators, electronic devices, buildings and bridges, among other things.
Advances in Heat Transfer
The serial publication “Advances in Heat Transfer” is designed to fill the information gap between the regularly scheduled journals and university level textbooks. The general purpose of this series is to present review articles or monographs on special topics of current interest
Heat Transfer and Evaporation Book
W.L. Badger, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan, Consulting Engineer, Swenson Evaporator Company, General Theory of Heat Transmission - Conduction, General Theory of Heat Transmission - Radiation, Heat Transfer by Convection - General, Heat Transfer Between Solids and Gases,

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