Heat Transfer and Evaporation Book

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Engineering Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer and Evaporation

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W.L. Badger
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Universty of Michigan
Consulting Engineer, Swenson Evaporator Company


  1. General Theory of Heat Transmission - Conduction
  2. General Theory of Heat Transmission - Radiation
  3. Heat Transfer by Convection - General
  4. Heat Transfer Between Solids and Gases
  5. Heat Transfer Between Solid and Liquids
  6. Heat Transfer Between Solids and Condensing Vapors
  7. Heating and Heater Design
  8. Evaportor Bodies
  9. Heat Transfer in Evaporators
  10. Theory and Calculations for Multiple-Effect Evaoporators
  11. Multiple Effect Operation
  12. Evaporator Auxiliaries
  13. Evaporators as Applied Specifc industries
  14. Costs
  15. Appendix I
  16. Appendix II
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