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Manufacturing Workshop Technology and Calculations

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Manufacturing Workshop Technology and Calculations

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Manufacturing, quality and measurement calculations and methods.

  1. Introduction: The SI system of units and conventions Basic SI units - Supplementary and derived units - Multiples and sub-divisions of the unit - Representation of unit symbols and quantities - Dimensioning - Mass, weight and force - The kilogram weight - Equations of motion - Acceleration
  2. Measurements and gauging
    Limits and tolerances - Limit systems - Calculations of limits - Slip gauges - The spirit level - The sine bar - Gauging large radii and holes - Location of points on angular surfaces - Measurement of tapers with balls and rollers - 3-wire measurement of screw threads - Miscellaneous measurement problems
  3. Calculations for cutting, turning and boring Speeds and feeds - Arithmetic and geometric progression - Cutting tool life - Tool angles - Effect of tool height - Taper turning - True shape of form tools, flat and circular - Approximate change wheels by continued fractions - Cutting power for turning and drilling
  4. Calculations for gears and gear cutting Involute gear teeth - The tooth Vernier - Constant chord measurement - Module pitch - Plug Method of checking gear teeth - Base pitch - Stub teeth - Backlash - Helical (spiral) gear calculations - Worm gearing - Bevel gearing
  5. Milling and the milling machine Milling cutters - Cutter teeth - Rake - Clearance - Tooth angle - Tooth grinding - Helical teeth - Speeds and feeds for milling cutters - Milling power calculations - The dividing head - Simple, compound, differential, angular indexing - Spiral milling - Cam milling - Solid angles
  6. Mechanical principles I: Vectorial representation - Addition and subtraction of vectors - Application of vectors- forces on a cutting tool Balancing of faceplates - Vector velocity diagrams for mechanisms - Moment of a force - Parallel forces
  7. Mechanical principles II: Friction - Machines and efficiency - The inclined plane and screw - Bearings - Bearing pressure - Bearing friction - Stress and strain
  8. Mechanical principles III: Velocity - Acceleration - Equations of motion - Force - Energy; kinetic and potential - Circular motion - Accelerating torque - Energy of flywheels - Temperature - Heat - Amount of heat - Heat energy

Appendices I and II: ISO standard holes and shafts
Appendices III and IV: BSI standard holes and shafts
Appendix V: Conversion table
Appendix VI: The trigonometric addition formulae
Appendix VII : Continued fractions 1

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