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Pressure Vessel Design Calculations Handbook

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Pressure Vessel Design Calculations Handbook


Pressure Vessel Design Calculations Handbook

This pressure vessel design reference book is prepared for the purpose of making formulas, technical data, design and construction methods readily available for the designer, detailer, layoutmen and others dealing with pressure vessels. Practical people in this industry often have difficulty finding the required data and solutions, these being scattered throughout extensive literature or advanced studies. The author’s aim was to bring together all of the above material under one cover and present it in a convenient form.

The design procedures and formulas of the ASME Code for Pressure Vessels, Section VIII Division I have been utilized as well as those generally accepted sources which are not covered by this Code. From among the alternative construction methods described by the Code the author has selected those which are most frequently used in practice.

In order to provide the greatest serviceability with this Handbook, rarely occurring loadings, special construction methods or materials have been excluded from its scope. Due to the same reason this Handbook deals only with vessels constructed from ferrous material by welding, since the vast majority of the pressure vessels are in this category.

A large part of this handbook was taken from the works of others, with some of the material placed in different arrangement, and some unchanged.

Equations and calculation have been verified to the BPVCS 1995 code


Part I Design and construction of pressure vessels
1. Vessels Under internal Pressure equations
2. Vessels Under External Pressure equations
3. Design of Tall Towers
4. Vessel Supports
5. Openings
6. Nozzle Loads
7. Reinforcement at the Junction of Cone to Cylinder
8. Welding of Pressure Vessels
9. Regulations, Specifications
10. Materials of Foreign Countries
11. Welded Tanks

Part II Geometry and layout of pressure vessels
1. Geometrical Formulas
2. Geometrical Problems and Construction
3. Solution of Right Triangles
4. Optimum Vessel Size
5. Flat Rings Made of Sectors
6. Fustrum of Concentric Cone
7. Fustrum of Eccentric Cone
8. Bent and Mitered Pipes
9. Intersections
10. Drop at the Intersection of Vessel and Nozzle
11. Table for Locating points on Ellipsodial Heads
12. Length of Arcs
13. Circumferences and Areas of Circles

Part III Measures and weights
1. Table of Properties of Pipes, Tubes
2. Dimensions of Heads, Flanges, Long Welding Necks, Welding Fittings, Screwed Couplings.
3. Weight of Shells and Heads, Pipes and Fittings, Flanges, Openings, Packing and Insulation,Plates, Circular Plates, Bolts.
4. Volume calculations
5, Area of Surfaces of Shells and Heads
6. Conversion Tables

Part IV Design of steel structures
1. Stress and Strain Formulas
2. Properties of Sections
3. Center of Gravity
4. Beam Formulas
5. Design of Welded Joints
6. Example of Calculations
7. Bolted Connections

Part V Miscellaneous
1. Abbreviations
2. Codes,Standards,Specifications
3. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Laws
4. List of Organizations Sponsoring or Publishing Codes, Standards or Specifications Dealing with Pressure Vessels
5. Literature
6. Definitions
7. Index

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