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Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines
The force of the wind can be very strong, as can be seen after the passage of a hurricane or a typhoon. Historically, people have harnessed this force peacefully, its most important usage probably being the propulsion of ships using sails before the invention of the steam engine and the internal combustion engine.
Wind Energy Fundamentals
Wind Energy, Fundamentals, Resource Analysis and Economics
Wind Energy, Renewable Energy and the Environmment
How do we use science and technology such that Spaceship Earth will be a place for all life to exist? We are citizens of the planet Earth, and within your lifetime there will be major decisions over the following: energy (including food), water, minerals, space, and war (which I can state will happen with 99.9% probability).
Alternative Energy Systems in Building Design
In the coming decades, the alternative energy technology industries will undergo unprecedented growth and will represent a significant component of the U.S. gross national product.
Solar Powered Cooling Systems
State-of-the-art of solar cooling has concentrated primarily on the developmental stages of systems in the last few years
Solar Preheater for Outdoor Ventilation Air
Transpired collectors use solar energy to preheat ventilation (outdoor) air as it is drawn into a building.
Photovoltaic Fundamentals
Overview of Soloar Cell Technology and Progress

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