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Biosystems Engineering Book Introduction

Manufacturing Process and Design
Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

Biosystems Engineering, Introduction
Published jointly by the American Society of Agricultural and
Biological Engineers (ASABE) and Virginia Tech Publishing.
Edited by:
Nicholas M. Holden, Mary Leigh Wolfe,
Jactone A. Ogejo, and Enda J. Cummins
605 Pages

Open: Biosystems Engineering, Introduction


The discipline of Biosystems Engineering emerged in the1990s from the traditional strongholds of Agricultural and Food Engineering with the goal of advancing engineering solutions toward creating a sustainable world with abundant food, water, and energy, while maintaining a healthy environment. While the discipline has continued to grow, so has the demand for quality educational resources that instructors can use to teach Biosystems Engineering courses. The publication of this book marks an important step in meeting that demand.



Energy Systems
Bioenergy Conversion Systems
Biogas Energy from Organic Wastes
Biodiesel from Oils and Fats
Baling Biomass: Densification and Energy Requirements

Information Technology, Sensors, and Control Systems
Basic Microcontroller Use for Measurement and Control
Visible and Near Infrared Optical Spectroscopic Sensors for Biosystems
Data Processing in Biosystems Engineering

Machinery Systems
Crop Establishment and Protection
Grain Harvest and Handling
Mechatronics and Intelligent Systems in Agricultural Machinery

Natural Resources and Environmental Systems
Water Budgets for Sustainable Water Management
Water Quality as a Driver of Ecological System Health
Quantifying and Managing Soil Erosion on Cropland
Anaerobic Digestion of Agri- Food By- Products
Measurement of Gaseous Emissions from Animal Housing

Plant, Animal, and Facility Systems
Plant Production in Controlled Environments
Building Design for Energy Efficient Livestock Housing

Processing Systems
Freezing of Food
Principles of Thermal Processing of Packaged Foods
Deep Fat Frying of Food
Irradiation of Food


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