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Are you doing the Engineering Yourself Advice for Non-Engineers

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Are you doing the Engineering Yourself?

Advice for non-engineers doing engineering work, consider the following.

Highly technical work can an be very exciting and offer challenges worth pursuing. We at Engineers Edge hope you will prursue technology and trades achievements and enjoy the rewards that follow. However want you to be aware of the risks that you may need to undertake. The following are considerations you need to consider before taking on that technology challenge.

For non-engineers - The tools, resources and calculators on Engineers Edge are in general presented for engineers, designers as well as technicians with requisite training and experience. There may be terms, equations and other resources here that you may not understand how to apply. What is important is that you understand when to not attempt engineering, design or technical work on your own. The following are questions you should consider (yes means don't do it) to NOT assume the responsibility of the engineered end item and utilize the services of a qualified design engineer or technician.

  1. Will life be lost or an injury sustained to a person or persons if there is a failure in the end item?
  2. Will there be substantial loss of property or significant monetary impact should a failure of the end item occur?
  3. Are there complicated testing requirements, regulations governing the operation or distribution of the end item?
  4. Are there local, state or other requirements that a licensed professional engineer, technician or other professional or technician must complete and / or review the end item design, engineering or installation?
  5. Do you understand and practice evidence based science, engineering, analysis and will you utilize those best practices?
  6. Who will build it? Will there be complex engineering materials and processes involved? At a minimum involve the process or knowledge holder early in your technology activities.


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