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The sides of the right-angled triangle are designated a and b and the hypotenuse, c. The angles opposite each of these sides are designated A and B, respectively. Angle C, opposite the hypotenuse c is the right angle, and is therefore always one of the known quantities.
Sides and Angles Known Formulas for Sides and Angles to be Found
Side a, side b tan A = a/b B = 90° − A
Side a, hypotenuse c sin A = a/c B = 90° − A
Side b, hypotenuse c sin B = b/c A = 90° − B
Hypotenuse c, angle B b = c × sin B a = c × cos B A = 90° − B
Hypotenuse c, angle A b = c × cos A a = c × sin A B = 90° − A
Side b, angle B a = b × cot B A = 90° − B
Side b, angle A a = b × tan A B = 90° − A
Side a, angle B b = a × tan B A = 90° − B
Side a, angle A b = a × cot A B = 90° − A

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