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Following is a summary of the rules which are the basic prerequisite for approval and launch of banners using the Engineers Edge banner advertising system.

These rules will serve as a guideline for banner creation and publishing. Following this guideline simplifies the entire process of launching advertisements.

Exceptions will be handled on an individual basis.

All banner campaigns must e paid for in advance or a insertion order (Purchase Order) has been received and approved by Engineers Edge staff.

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Rules for Internal codes

If not otherwise specified, these rules apply to all banners.

  1. The advertisement shouldn't be too aggressive, meaning any shaking or blinking - banner within a very short time period - less than 1 second - changing colors, titles or any other violent graphic elements (this can disturb users from working on the web page).  We consider this an aggressively blinking banner.
  2. The advertisement is not allowed to contain vulgar words, images or other elements which could be considered in bad taste.
  3. The advertisement is not allowed to surpass approved data limits.
  4. The advertisement must be of the correct size for the required position.
  5. The banners via external codes must be sufficiently visually different from the website content throughout the display period (animation) i.e. the border, background color, etc.
  6. The advertisement is not allowed to contain operation system control items and cannot look like a system message.
  7. The advertisement is not allowed to contain sounds, unless it is a Video banner.
  8. The advertisement is not allowed to contain the Engineers Edge brand name.
  9. The flash must contain the definition of the link according to specifications.
  10. Flash banners must have a fixed background color (e.g. photo, color area) as they are inserted into pages in transparent mode.
  11. The i-Layer must contain a CLOSE button in a visible place (a cross with "close" written nearby, the button position depends on the advertisement format specifications)
  12. For special advertisements, cooperation with Engineers Edge representatives is essential (the representative handling the advertisement will provide contact details).
  13. Flash banners must not overload the user's CPU.  A machine with an Intel Celeron 1300Mhz CPU with 512 MB RAM is used for reference purposes.
  14. Creatives in HTML format must not go over the data limit for the specific format.
  15. All interactive features of the banner can run after the cursor stays on the banner min. 1 second.
  16. Erotic goods and services: Not allowed....
  17. Target URL must always lead to a website.  Max URL length is 512 characters and cannot contain accents.
  18. Flash banners must not load data from external resources. For example: XML, external video files, pictures, etc.
  19. Banners cannot be based on misleading claims and cannot display non-functional elements (so-called trick banners).
  20. We accept Flash banners (SWF) up to Flash Player version 10.3

Rules for the Use of External Codes

  1. We accept external codes which correspond to the rules below. We reserve the right to refuse any other external code if it does not function properly under our publishing system.
  2. All banners issued through the use of external code must have a "_top" click-through defined.
  3. The catalogue cannot contain advertisements focused on the sections implemented using external advertising code. Only monitoring points (image) and monitoring URLs are allowed.
  4. If publication takes place using a Java Script interface, the external code cannot use IFRAME elements at any level (this does not apply to the Medium Rectangle format, which requires IFRAME).
  5. External code cannot cause page errors (either display errors or Java Script errors).
  6. External code and the incorporated visual elements cannot exceed the defined data limits for the specific format in question.
  7. All interactive formats must be implemented using only Internet Media advertising system code and not through the use of external code.
  8. If a banner is sold on click-through, it must be sent as a visual element and not only as external code.
  9. External code is not allowed to display video spots. For video spots, the external monitoring code for impressions cannot be used as well. This rule also applies to mobile format advertising and all services where the output is via Ajax (Maps, Weather, TV Program, Transport).
  10. External code is not allowed for interactive formats.