Structural Beam Bending Stress Calculator
Calculation Simply Supported on Both Ends Under Superimposed Loading

Beam Bending Stress Equations Simply Supported on Both Ends Under Superimposed Loading Calculator

Red = Calculated Data
Black = Input Required

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Beam Values Instructions
Length, L (mm) Enter total length of beam in mm
Width, W (mm) Enter width of beam in mm
Height, H (mm) Enter height of beam in mm
Length increment, Linc (mm) Enter length increment to be used in finite difference calculation
Modulus of elasticity, E (N/mm^2) Enter elastic modulus in N/mm^2
Calculated Moment of inertia, I (mm^4)  =1/12*W*H^3
Calculated Distance farthest fiber to nuetral axis, cc (mm)  = H/2
Loading   See schematic for definitions of loads and positions
Point load, F (N) Enter amplitude of the point load, in N
Location of point load, af (mm) Enter location of the point load, in mm
Distributed load amplitude, wa, (N/mm) Enter amplitude of the distributed load near the cantilever end, in N/mm
Distributed load amplitude, wL, (N/mm) Enter amplitude of the distributed load at the clamped end, in N/mm
Starting point of load, aw (mm) Enter location where the distributed load starts, in mm
Calculated Total distributed load (N) Resulted total distributed load
Moment load, M (N-mm) Enter amplitude of the applied moment, in N*mm
Location of moment load, am (mm) Enter location of the moment load, in mm
Calculated Maximum deflection (microns) Return maximum deflection along the beam
Calculated Maximum slope (milli radians) Return maximum slope along the beam
Calculated Maximum bending stress (N/mm^2) Return maximum stress along the beam
Calculated Reactions at beam ends    
RA, Ra (N) Reaction force at A
RB, Rb (N) Reaction force at B
MA, Ma (N) Reaction moment at A
Max bending stress due to MA (N/mm^2)  
MB, Mb (N-mm) Reaction moment at B
Max bending stress due to MB (N/mm^2)  
qA, ta (radians) Rotation at A
qB, t (radians) Rotation at B
dA, da (microns) Deflection at A
dB, db (microns) 0 Deflection at B

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