Miniature Bearings Applications and Review

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Miniature bearings designed and available to handle radial, thrust and combined loads in proportion to the capacity requirements of the small shafts for which they are designed. They are commonly used in fractional horsepower motors, domestic appliances, precision instruments, tape recorders and similar devices. Miniature bearings include all of the various combinations of shields and seals available in larger series bearings. Miniature bearings are available in low and standard bearing quality, chromium-alloy, high carbon steel and stainless steel.

Miniature bearings are available for pulley, guide roller and pinch roll by several manufacturers in several bore sizes providing the advantages of light weight, low inertia, low torque, and accurate running characteristics with minimal runout and wobble.

Many Miniature bearings units feature outer ring assemblies with integral molded tires. The most commonly used tire materials are aluminum, steel, and a variety of engineered plastics such as nylon, polycarbonate, acetal resin, or polyurethane. The tire material and configuration are determined by the particular application requirements. Standard materials and shapes can be made available in many sizes.