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Stainless steel bearings are preferred where corrosion and chemical resistance are required. They are also commonly specified for food and beverage processing machinery, medical appliances, medicine equipments, and aerospace applications. Bearings made from stainless steel are available in all configurations, as well as custom, radial contact ( deep groove ), angular contact, etc..

Common stainless steel bearing specifications are;

AISI 440 Stainless Steel - Which exhibit excellent toughness and hardness properties and offer good corrosion resistance. This material is used extensively in bearing applications where precise tolerances and surface finishes are required. Common heat treating may be in accordance with MIL-H-6875. Stainless steel bearings are availabe in a variety of stainless steel material grade and compositions. Benefits of stainless steel bearings include: Withstand tough, corrosive conditions for extended service life, reduced maintenance costs and equipment downtime. Sea water exposure represents one of the most severe applications in the bearing world. Ther are special grades of stainless steel to meet the demands of asaltwater application.

Other Applications:

Electric motors, automotive applications, home appliances, industrial equipment, Optical Instrument Electrical Pump Medical Equipment Textile Machine Printing Machine.

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