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FEA of Medical Stent Sad
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Posted by: benbc

04/28/2009, 19:13:34

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Hi all,

I have modelled a stent in solidworks and am happy with what i have.(See attached image)This stent is in its expanded state and i want to take it down to its crimpped state (also shown in the image)

I have a few questions about FEA and animation.

1, How can I apply a force to the model in Cosmosworks to take it from its expaned state to its crimpped state?

2, It there a way to animate the movement from expaned to crimpped state?

3, Can I use cosmosworks to measure the spring force of the stent when it is in its crimpped state.

All of your help is appreciated, and I look forward to your replies.

Note: I am using solidworks/ cosmoswors 2008 and have been attempting the FEA with a Non-Linear Analysis with a Nitinol model.

stents.jpg (47.2 KB)  

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