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ACADE or Promis.E? High Voltage Substation Design
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Posted by: illini1022

05/13/2010, 17:37:07

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Thanks in advance for your help. We are currently designing substations in regular AutoCAD. The electrical design of a substation includes One Line, Three Lines, DC control schematics, wiring diagrams, panel layouts, etc. There can be hundreds of drawings for one project.

We're exploring our options for an electrical CAD package that can reduce engineering hours. In particular, we would like to work towards automating BOM generation, standardizing/automating templates, and reducing error checking and repetitive design changes. Having one change electrically filter through an entire set of drawings would be a huge help. The ability to handle complex, utility class relays is also very important. (i.e. organizing and keeping track of pin assignments, used inputs, outputs, etc)

I've had introductory exposure to both pieces of software but we need to make a decision to go with one package or the other. Promis.E seems more database driven, and potentially more geared towards the power industry. ACADE might be less buggy.

Any thoughts/experience are extremely appreciated, whether they coming from experience inside or outside of the power industry.


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