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Axial Stress Thick Wall Cylinder Equations and Calculator

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Axial Stress Thick Wall Cylinder Equations and Calculator

If the pressure (pi) is confined at the ends, an axial (longitudinal) stress (σa) is also developed. It is assumed that the external pressure po is zero. The geometry and stresses, including the tangential stress (σt), are shown in Figure 1

Axial Cylinder Stress Equations and Calculator
Figure 1
Geometry of a cylinder

Preview: Thick Walled Cylinder Axial Stress Calculator

Using the geometry of figure 1 axial stress (σa) is given by:

Axial Stress Formula:

σt = ( pir2i ) / ( r2o - r2i )

pi = internal pressure (psi, MPa),
ri = inside radius (in, m),
ro = external radius (in, m)



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