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Equal Spacing Formulas and Calculator

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Equal Spacing Formulas and Calculator

In the fabrication of wood or structural steel component spacing may be required and determined by the fabricator.

At = W · N

Ta = Ti - At

Ws = Ta - N

FE = Ws + W/2

C-C = FE


Units: The math is unit-less in that if all inch units are used the result is in inches and if all mm al used the the answers are given in mm. Also, meters, angstroms, or whatever makes you happy is used just keep the length units consistant.

W = Average Width of Component (in, mm),
N = Number of components,
Ti = =Total installation Length (in, mm),
Ta = Total gap available between components (in, mm),
At = Total Thickness of Components (in, mm),
Ws = Width of each space between pickets (in, mm),
FE = First Edge Distance to center of first picket (in, mm),
C - C = Center to center of each picket (in)

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Equal Spacing Formulas and Calculator

Typical Application (Deck Balusters Spacing)
Typical Application (Deck Balusters Spacing)