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Truss Builder And Calculator Solver


  • Controls
    • Click on A tab or Use keyboard keys 1-4 to quickly switch tools.
    • Add Node: Click the screen to add nodes. Right-click a node to delete it, drag to move it.
    • Add Member: Drag between nodes to add members. Right-click a member to delete it.
    • Add Support: Click on nodes to toggle the type of support. (pin, horizontal roller, vertical roller)
    • Add Load: Click and drag nodes to create loads. Click a node to remove loads.
    • When the system is solvable, computed forces will appear on the screen.
  • Tips
    • Snapping is on by default. Hold down SHIFT to disable temporarily.
    • Positive member forces are in tension, negative indicates compression.


Truss Bridge Generator with Loading Design and Calculator Tool
Truss Bridge Loading 2D Design Calculator Tool
Truss Optimization Simulator 2D Toll and Calculator

Credit: David Liu

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