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1 x PLA Black 3D Printer Filament 3mm
1 x Welding Essentials, Second Edition
1 x Large Isometric Drafting Ellipse Template
1 x Programmable Logic Controllers
1 x Human Machine Interface Concepts and Projects
1 x Reliability for The Technologies, Updated Second Edition
2 x Statistics for Quality Control Sale!
1 x Benchmarking Best Practices for Maintenance, Reliability and Asset Management, Third Edition
3 x The 15 Most Common Obstacles to World-Class Reliability, A Roadmap for Managers
1 x Professional House Plan Templates
2 x Roll Form Tool Design Fundamentals
1 x Oak Computer Table 38 3/4 High
1 x ABS Blue 3D Printer Filament 3mm
1 x Programmable Automation Technologies - An Introduction to CNC, Robotics, and PLCs
1 x Overall Equipment Effectiveness, ebook on CD
1 x Smart Inventory Solutions, 2/e, Improving the Management, of Engineering, Materials and Spare, Parts
1 x 37.5 " Professional Rotary Paper Trimmer
1 x PowerHouse Heavy-Duty Commercial Grade Electric Pencil Sharpener
2 x Metric General Purpose Drafting Template
1 x Grind Block Surface Roughness Comparator 16 Ra
1 x Beginning AutoCAD ® 2019 Exercise Workbook
1 x Furniture Drafting Template
1 x Lean Refining in the Oil Industry Sale!
1 x Engineering Formulas for Metalcutting: Presented in Customary U.S. and Metric Units
2 x Metal Shaping Processes, Casting and Molding; Particulate Processing; Deformation Processes; and Metal Removal
2 x Conventional Machining Microfinish Surface Roughness Comparator Metric
1 x Pipe Welding Procedures, Second Edition
1 x Mailing and Storage Tube 37 x 2.5 Blue 36/box
1 x Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise
1 x Drafting Drawing Table White Base with White 30" x 42" Top
2 x GD&T True Position Coordinate Conversion Wall Chart LAMINATED
1 x Civil Engineers Radius Template
2 x Expandable Shipping Storage Tube 3 3/4" ID
1 x Energy Reduction Through Improved Maintenance Practices
1 x Circles Drafting Template
1 x Industrial Manufacturing and Wellness
1 x Cutting Data for Turning of Steel
2 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 36" x 48" Sheet
1 x NEOLT Electric 39" Trimmer With Stand
1 x PLA Red 3D Printer Filament 3mm
1 x Isometric Drafting Ellipses Template
1 x Grasshopper Visual Scripting for Rhinoceros 3D
1 x Fleet Purchasing, Maintenance and Reliability
1 x Surviving the Spare Parts Crisis
2 x Design for Manufacturability Assembly Book DFM DFA
1 x Learning and Applying SolidWorks 2013-2014
1 x 1,001 Questions & Answers for the CWI Exam SALE!
2 x Machining for Hobbyists Getting Started
1 x Heating Systems Troubleshooting & Repair
1 x Design for Reliability
1 x Lubrication for Industry, Second Edition
1 x Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP), Version 3 Sale!
1 x Electrical Electronic Drafting Template Set
1 x CNC Trade Secrets
1 x HVAC: The Handbook of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning for Design and Implementation, ebook on CD
1 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 37 1/2" x 60"
1 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 18" x 24" Sheet
1 x Learning and Applying Solid Edge 2008 Step-by-Step
1 x Metalworking: Doing it Better
2 x Advanced Metalcutting Calculators in U.S. & Metric Units and Engineering Formulas for Metalcutting, Combo Set
1 x ANSI Screw Engineering Slide Chart Selector
1 x CNC Machining Handbook
1 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 37 1/2" x 48" Sheet
1 x 22 x 34 Alva-Line 100% Rag Vellum Drafting Papers
1 x Flow Chart Symbols Drafting Template
1 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 36" x 10yd.
1 x Heating Systems Troubleshooting & Repair
1 x A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (® Guide) Fifth Edition
1 x Spare Parts Inventory Management Sale!
2 x Secrets of 5-Axis Machining
1 x The Art of Sculpture Welding From Concept to Creation Sale!
1 x Machine Tool Technology Basics
1 x Turn or Shape End or Face Mill with Periphery Block Surface Roughness Comparator 125 Ra
1 x Architectural Construction Chip Board 30" x 40" x .030" 50/Box
1 x CNC Programming Techniques
1 x Ellipse Template Set
1 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 43 1/2" x 84"
1 x Failure Mapping
1 x Improving Reliability and Maintenance from Within
2 x Engineering Formulas Interactive
1 x Developing Performance Indicators for Managing Maintenance, Second Edition, ebook on CD
1 x Drafting Drawing Table Black Base with White 30" x 42" Top
1 x Metric Star Drafting Template
1 x AutoCAD Pocket Reference, 8th Edition Sale!
1 x Manual of Gear Design (Revised) Combined Edition, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
1 x Countersinking Handbook
1 x Basic Machining Reference Handbook, Second Edition
1 x RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance
1 x Telephone Drafting Symbols Template
1 x Compact Compass and Divider Drawing Set
1 x Master Ellipse Drafting Template
1 x SolidWorks for Technology and Engineering, Second Edition
1 x Engineering Mathematics, 7th Edition
2 x Machine Shop Training Course, Fifth Edition, Volume II
1 x Die Makers Handbook
1 x Reliability Excellence Workbook
1 x Gear Design Simplified, Third Edition
1 x 18 Inch Beam Compass Rule
1 x Advanced AutoCAD 2015 Exercise Workbook Sale!
1 x Machine Designers Reference
1 x ABS Orange 3D Printer Filament 3mm
1 x The Missing Links - Supply Chain
1 x Practical Welding Technology
1 x Machine Design Elements and Assemblies
1 x Value Creation Through Sustainable Manufacturing
1 x RCM3: Risk-Based Reliability Centered Maintenance
1 x AutoCAD Pocket Reference, Seventh Edition
1 x Inspection and Gaging, Sixth Edition
1 x Beginning AutoCAD 2015 Exercise Workbook Sale!
1 x 17 x 22 Alva-Line 100% Rag Vellum Drafting Papers
1 x Conventional Machining Microfinish Surface Roughness Comparator 6.25 to 50 micrometers
1 x The Little Black Book of Reliability Management
1 x Squares Drafting Template
1 x Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices, Second Edition
1 x A New Strategy for Continuous Improvement
1 x Programming of CNC Machines, 4th Edition
1 x Geometric Metrology - Dimensional Tolerances Inspection
1 x Beginning AutoCAD ® 2017 Exercise Workbook Sale!
1 x Home Furnishings Drafting Template II
1 x VYCO Green/Cream Board Cover 31" x 42" Sheet
1 x Applied Mathematical and Physical Formulas, Second Edition
1 x Architectural Construction Chip Board 30" x 40" x .130" 12/Box
1 x Programmable Automation Technologies - Ebook, An Introduction, to CNC, Robotics, and PLCs