Applied CATIA V5

Applied CATIA V5L.
Scott, Hansen
450 Pages, Hardcover
Published: March, 2006

Written with the intention that users can learn CATIA V.5 R15 on their own with little or no outside help, this unique reference provides step-by-step instructions along with numerous illustrations. It will provide a self-guided learning experience using CATIA V.5 R15. It is an excellent resource for anyone enrolled in Engineering Technology programs and professionals interested in learning CATIA V.5 R15.

Table of Contents
Getting Started

• Create a simple sketch using Sketcher Workbench commands
• Dimension a sketch using the Constraint command
• Extrude a sketch using the Pad command
• Create a fillet using the Edge Fillet command
• Create a hole using the Extruded Cut command
• Create a counter bore using the Hole command

Learning More Basics
• Revolve a sketch using the Shaft command
• Create a hole using the Extruded Cut command
• Create a series of holes using the Circular Pattern command

Learning to Detail Part Drawings
• Create an Orthographic view using the Drawing commands

Advanced Detail Part Drawings
• Create an Auxiliary View using the Drafting commands
• Create an Offset Section View using the Drafting commands
• Dimension views using the Forced Vertical Dimension in View command
• Create Text using the Drawing Annotation commands

Learning to Edit Existing Solid Models
• Edit the part using the Edit Sketch command
• Edit the part using the Edit Pad command

Advanced Design Procedures
• Learn to use the Front, Top, and Right Planes
• Learn to use the Wireframe viewing command
• Learn to project 3D Elements on to a new sketch
• Learn to use the Shell command

Introduction to Assembly View Procedures
• Learn to insert existing solid models using the Assembly commands
• Learn to constrain all parts using the Constraint command
• Learn to edit/modify parts while in the Assembly command
• Learn to manually simulate motion

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