Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics
​Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics
Michael Spektor
171 Pages, Softcover
Published: April, 2014

Solving Engineering Problems in Dynamics helps practicing engineers successfully analyze real mechanical systems by presenting comprehensive methods for analyzing the motion of engineering systems and their components. This analysis covers three basic phases:  1) composing the differential equation of motion; 2) solving the differential equation of motion; and 3) analyzing the solution. Although a formal engineering education provides the fundamental skills for completing these phases, many engineers nonetheless would benefit by gaining further insight in using these fundamentals to solve real-life engineering problems. This book thus describes in step-by-step order the methods related to each of these phases.


  • A basic education in engineering is sufficient to master the contents of this guide and effectively apply its step-by-step methods for solving engineering problems.
  • Numerous solutions of examples of linear, non-linear, and two-degree-of-freedom systems are found throughout.
  • Explains the structures of differential equations of motion of the two-degree-of-freedom systems and demonstrates the applicability of the Laplace Transform methodology for solving these equations.
  • Many types of engineers can benefit from this book (as well as students in mechanical, manufacturing, and industrial engineering).



Differential Equations Of Motion

  • Analysis Of Forces
  • Analysis of Resisting Forces
  • Forces of Inertia
  • Damping Forces
  • Stiffness Forces
  • Constant Resisting Forces
  • Friction Forces
  • Analysis of Active Forces
  • Constant Active Forces
  • Sinusoidal Active Forces
  • Active Forces Depending on Time
  • Active Forces Depending on Velocity
  • Active Forces Depending on Displacement

Solving Differential Equations of Motion Using Laplace Transforms

  • Laplace Transform Pairs For Differential Equations of Motion
  • Decomposition of Proper Rational Fractions
  • Examples of Decomposition of Fractions
  • Examples of Solving Differential Equations of Motion
  • Motion by by Inertia with no Resistance
  • Motion by Inertia with Resistance of Friction
  • Motion by Inertia with Damping Resistance
  • Free Vibrations
  • Motion Caused by Impact
  • Motion of a Damped System Subjected to a Tim Depending Force
  • Forced Motion with Damping and Stiffness
  • Forced Vibrations

Analysis of Typical Mechanical Engineering Systems

  • Lifting a Load
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Water Vessel Dynamics
  • Dynamics of an Automobile
  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Acceleration of a Projectile in the Barrel
  • Reciprocation Cycle of a Spring-loaded Sliding Link
  • Forward Stroke Due to a Constant Force
  • Forward Stroke Due to Initial Velocity
  • Backward Stroke
  • Pneumatically Operated Soil Penetrating Machine

Piece-Wise Linear Approximation

  • Penetrating into an Elasto-Plastic Medium
  • First Interval
  • Second Interval
  • Third Interval
  • Fourth Interval
  • Non-linear Damping Resistance
  • First Interval
  • Second Interval

Dynamics of Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems

  • Differential Equations of Motion: A Two-Degree-of-Freedom System
  • A System with a Hydraulic Link (Dashpot)
  • A System with an Elastic Link (Spring)
  • A System with a Combination of a Hydraulic Link (Dashpot) and an Elastic Link (Spring)
  • Solutions of Differential Equations of Motion for Two-Degree-of-Freedom Systems
  • Solutions for a System with a Hydraulic Link
  • Solutions for a System with an Elastic Link
  • Solutions for a System with a Combination of a Hydraulic and an Elastic Link
  • A System with a Hydraulic Link where the First Mass Is Subjected to a Constant External Force
  • A Vibratory System Subjected to an External Sinusoidal Force

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