Engineering Tools, Manufacturing Tools, Design Reference, GD&T Training Resources

Aircraft and Military MS and NAS Part Identification Guide
Fasteners, Nuts, Fittings, Screws, Rivets, Nut Plates, AN HArdware, NAS Hardware

ANSI - Hardware Guide, Screws, Washers, Nuts, Screws, Set Screws, Thread Stress Area, Hex Bolt Identification
Standard ANSI (inch hardware)

Battery Design and Construction Knowledge
Lead Acid, NiCad, Battery Applications

Bearing Design and Application
Bearing Types, Application Chart, Representation, Thrust Designation

Civil Engineering Design Knowledge Menu

Galvanic Compatibility, Localized Corrosion, General Corrosion, Stress Corrosion Cracking, more...

Computer Technology Menu
Thin Client, types of memory, hardware, types of cable..

Definition General

Design and Engineering. Calculators
Beam Deflection and Stress, Springs, Friction, Tolerance Analysis, Section Properties, Conversion and Equivalents, Pressure Vessels, Thread Stress, more...

Design - Engineering Productivity General
Assembly Mass Estimate Worksheet, Design Guidelines. Engineering Ethics, Strength of Materials

Electric Motor Application, Design and Installation Menu
 Electric motor torque, Horsepower, Accelerating Torque and Force, Moment of Inertia, Objects in Linear Motion ...

Encyclopedia Menu

Engineering Drawing Formats Menu

Engineering Drawing and Drafting Menu
Title block, Revision history, Drawing borders..

Engineering Mathematics
Properties of Circles, Volumes of Solids, Areas of Plane Figures, Trigonometric Relations & Constants...

Engineering Specification and Standards, ASME Engineering Standards Specifications, ASTM International Standards Specifications

Engineering Store Engineering Store (Engineering Design and Manufacturing Books, Surface Roughness Comparators, Drafting Templates)
Engineering Book Store, Storage Tube, Surface Roughness Comparator Plates, Design Reference Charts, Drafting Templates, ANSI Screw Slide Chart, GD&T Ultimate Wall Chart

Engineering Software Downloads, Finite Element Software Public Domain

Engineering and Manufacturing Testing

Engineering Physics - Physics basics and advanced.

Environmental Test and Manufacturing Chambers

Filtration Menu
 Air Filter, Electronic Filter Operation, Air filter Types, ...

Finishing and Plating
Nickel, Gold, Chromate, Electropolishing, Passivate, more...

Fluid Flow Fundamentals
Properties of Fluids, Volumetric Flow Rate, Laminar and Turbulent Flow, Bernoulli's Equation, Head (Pressure) loss. Air Flow Drag Coefficients, Equation and Calculators

Friction Equations and Calculation
Coefficients of Friction, Shaft and Journal Pivot Friction Equation and Calculator, Conical Pivot Friction Equation and Calculator, more...

Friction and Wear Knowledge Menu

Gear Design and Application
Gear Application, Formula, Pitch Conversion

General Engineering and Design Data
Drill Size Chart, Tap - Drill size Chart, O-rings, Copper wire, Rivet Installation and application, more..

GD&T Training, GD&T symbols, dimensioning and tolerancing seminars, ASME Y14.5-2009 Training Seminars. Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Training, GD and T Training.

GD&T Training Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing Resources:

Heat Exchanger - Table of Contents
Application, Radiator, Parallel Flow, Comparison of Heat Exchangers, more...

Heat Transfer - Table of Contents
Heat Transfer Terminology, Conduction, Convection, Radiant, Heat Exchangers, more...

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Design and Engineering
General Design, Fluid Characteristics, Moody Chart, pipe Schedules, Pipe Burst Strength, Pipe Strength, Cylinder Piston Velocity, more...

HVAC Systems & Components
Ducts, Refrigerant Capacities

Industrial, Testing, and Engineering Equipment

Industrial Coating
Powder coating, optical, overview and application, ..

Industry News Feeds
Aerospace, Aviation, CAD, Metals Industry, Graphics, NASA, Software, Plastics, Space, Robotics, Steel Making

Industry Standards

Instrumentation and Control Devices and Systems
Thermocouple construction and operation, resistance Temperature devices, temperature detection circuit, more..

Engineers Edge Games

Engineering Forum Archive

3D Printing Resources 3D Printing Videos, Engineering Materials, PLA, ABS 3D Printing Tolerances

ISO - Metric Hardware (Screws, Nuts, Set Screws)
Metric Fasteners, Screws, Nuts, Set Screws

Engineering Supplies on Engineers Edge

Manufacturing Processes
Casting, Casting Rib Design, Drill Sizes, Hardness Conversion, Knurl Specification, Extrusion Design, Forging Design, more

Professional Grade 3D ABS & PLA Printer Filament

Professional Grade 3D Printer Filament

Materials For Engineering and Manufacturing
Aluminum, Steel Plate, Stainless Steel, AISI Steels, Rockwell Hardness, Vickers Hardness, Graphite, Polyurethane, Gum Rubber, Brass, Copper, more

Mechanical Components
Grommets, Military Standard Sizes

Mechanics and Machines Calculations - Simple lever and pulley equations. Weight and Balance Equation and Calculator Trailer

Mechanical Tolerance Calculators
Fixed Fastener, Fixed Fastener with Projection Zone, Two Mating Features @ MMC, Three Mating Features @ MMC, True Position, Hole / Feature Pattern Plot

Mechanical Tolerance Chart and Guide
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Resources
Pan Head, Socket Head, Shaft - Hole, Hex Head, Dowel Pin, International Tolerance Chart, ISO Tolerances For Fasteners, GD&T Tolerance Calculators, more

Education PDH Engineering Training - Online PDH Credit courses for PDH candidates as well as technical professionals continuing education.
Dimensioning & Tolerancing GD&T, Design for Manufacturing PDH Courses, Engineering & Design PDH Courses, Renewable Energy PDH Courses, Management PDH Courses

Plastic Injection Molding Design and Manufacturing
 Rapid Prototype, Materials and resolution, Design Guide, Common Polymers ( plastic ) used in products...

Power Transmission and Technology
Diesel Engine Technology, Internal Combustion Engine, Drive Line Design, Engine Equation and Formula, more...

Pressure Vessel Design & Engineering
Propane Tank, stress & pressure calculations,

Pump Types, Operation and Classification Menu
Centrifugal pump, Impeller types, Pump components, Pump flow classification, more..

Quality and Inspection Process Knowledge
Nondestructive Inspection Guide, Visual inspection, Eddy Current, Magnetic Particle, Penetrant, Radiography, Ultrasonic, 3D Laser Scanning, Metrology, CMM Inspection, more...

Lubrication Knowledge Menu

Engineering Management
Gantt Ctart, Gantt Ctart Template

Mechanical Design and Engineering General
What do Mechanical Designers do?, What do Mechanical Engineers do?

Rapid Prototype Menu
Stereolithography, SLA, File Conversion, Design for Tips, Resolution...

Reverse Engineering Knowledge
Reverse Engineering Overview, Reverse Engineering Parts and Components

Section Properties Common Structural Shapes
Section Calculation of moment of Inertia of Square, Square Tube, Rectangle, Round Tube, Round Tube at Center, Hexagon, Triangle, more...

Sheet Metal Manufacturing and Design
Sheet Metal Guage Sizes, Distance Bend to Mold Line, Bend Allowance, Sheet Metal Definitions Terms, Sheet Metal Calculations, Gauge Charts, more...

Simple Machine Lever Calculation
Unknown Lever force and length calculations

Solder Joint Design, Formula and Materials 
Lap Joint, Bevel Joint, Butt Joint, Tube Joint, Solder and Braze Materials and Filler, Soft Alloys, more...

Springs Design, Engineering Knowledge Menu
Spring force calculators, compression, tension, torsion..

Statistics Knowledge Menu
Engineering Reliability Statistical Models
, Normal or Gaussian Distribution and Reliability Engineering

Strength (Mechanics) of Materials
Stress, Strain, Hookes Law, Elongation, Young's Modulus, Stress - Strain Relationship, more ...

Structural Beam Deflection and Stress Formula and Calculation
Structural Beam Calculators for Stress and Deflection

Structural Shapes
W Flange, S Shapes, Angle

Surface Roughness Comparators PLates

Surface Roughness Comparator Plates Available:

Thermodynamics Definitions General
Properties, Temperature and Pressure, Heat, Work, Energy, Systems and Processes, Change of Phase...

Thread Stress Area and Torque
Thread Stress Area, Threaded Hole Fastener Pullout Stress, Torque Clamp Force Calculator..

Training GD&T Reference Books Used and Available

Trigonometry Calculations of Complex Triangles
Multiple case calculations for solving triangle lengths and angles

Weld Joint Design and Engineering Formula
Definitions, Drawing Symbols, Butt Joint, Shear Load, Normal Load, Torque Load... Fatigue Weld Design Based on S-N Data

Spring Design and Engineering 
Spring Terminology, Calculators and Equations, Torsion Spring, Properties and Materials, more...

Pressure Vessel Design and Engineering
Thickness of  Circumferential Shells Under Internal Pressure..

Vee and Flat Belt Design and Data
V Belt Conventional Sizes, Application, Belt Groove (Sheave) Sizes, Torque and Power, Service Factors, Tension

Vibration Engineering

Volume of Solids Equation Menu
Cylinder, Hollow Sphere, Spherical Wedge, Cone, more..

Volume of Solids Equation Menu
Cylinder, Hollow Sphere, Spherical Wedge, Cone, more..

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