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GD&T Application Single Datum Axis - Two Datum Features
Two Datum Features: When RMB is applied to a geometric tolerance to multiple datum features of size to establish a single datum element(s), the datum feature simulator for each feature shall be at a fixed location and orientation relative to each other.
Variable Divergent Position Tolerance Application GD&T
This video shows a design where the requirements are that a minimum position tolerance applies at the nominal size. As the feature of size diverges either towards LMS or MMC, the position tolerance is specified to increase from the nominal position tolerance.
GD&T Refinement of Orientation Using Parallelism
This application video explores a couple of GD&T methods to refine the orientation of two hole features for a piston connecting rod.
GD&T Cylindricity Engine Piston Bore Application
GD&T Cylindricity Engine Piston Bore Application. Cylindricity describes a condition of a surface of revolution in which all points of a surface are equidistant from a common axis.
GD&T Perpendicularity of Hole Application
GD&T Perpendicularity of Hole Application- GD&T Perpendicularity of Hole Application. Perpendicularity is the condition of a surface, axis, or line, which is 90 deg. from a datum plane or a datum axis.
GD&T Circularity Flare Fitting Application
GD&T Circularity design application on a tapered geometry.
GD&T Straightness of Surface Application
This video illustrates a Straightness of Surface Application on a cam follower wheel.
What Flatness Tolerance do I need for a Gasket?
Video discusses how to determine the right Flatness tolerance when a gasket is used between surfaces.
Straightness on Axis Application
Video discusses how to calculate the required straightness of an axis tolerance for a known fit requirement.
Dimensioning Knurled Features Drawings
Dimensioning and Tolerancing Knurled Features on Engineering Drawings

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