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  1. Thread length calculations - how much pressure can be applied before stripping?
  2. Help me choose a plastic.
  3. Needing help with a Allowable force a Beam w/ moment. Bolt Design
  4. New kind of leaf blower - Comments?
  5. How to create a vertical movement
  6. Clip that will release under load?
  7. Tool to Apply a Radial Force on Tubes
  8. Square tubing load limit
  9. Education Questions
  10. A Challenge - To Any Structural/Electrical/Areo Engineers, Physicists, Scientists
  11. Electrical Engineering or Engineering Management?
  12. pressure reduction through process
  13. NEEDED - Swivel hardware solution.
  14. Forging Ratio query - Reg
  15. Aluminum C channel specs
  16. 1.813" 10-Stub Acme
  17. Tandem Axle Trailer Loading
  18. Square tubing options for stilts
  19. Back yard jet engine?
  20. Newbie needing your guidance in creating a slowly rotating device...
  21. Swaging Wire Rope Stop Sleeve
  22. Material thickness before shear
  23. Arc tolerance
  24. Submarine project hull strength
  25. Simulation sandwich structure ANSYS Mechanical
  26. U-Bolts rotational capacity
  27. Cantilever weldment or bolted connection
  28. S beam secion details
  29. Mechanical location tolerance capabilities
  30. Aluminium 6060 T66/1050H14 Heat failure question
  31. PE Architectural
  32. Static Mixing Improvements for Disposables
  33. Checking Dimensions of a Half disk
  34. Heavy duty stand or shelf for 24" electric clothes dryer
  35. I need help with force calculation
  36. Difference in Wire Rope
  37. CCGT in jet engine
  38. What is a good bearing material for use with aluminum?
  39. lego Differentials in parallel
  40. RV Bed Frame Design
  41. Micro pneumatic powered generator
  42. Designing a Pipe bridge Using angle irons across a span of 6.5m. Need Help
  43. Aluminium Standards Calculations
  44. Tilting Mechanism
  45. Car Grille Aerodynamics
  46. Looking to calculate the mechanical advantage of a toggling lever (t-shirt press)
  47. reference electrode could be used to measure the potential of a steel structure
  48. Rubber Bladder Design
  49. Mathematical modeling of the deflection of a rod
  50. Compromised 10" joists with 6" plumbing holes braced instead of sistered?
  51. Interview Help
  52. Need help making something.
  53. Stress in fillet weld. Two conflicting sources for calculating shear stress
  54. Spur Gear design - how to remove interference
  55. how thick is my sheet?
  56. Hanging a motorcycle on a Fifth Wheel
  57. wheel power distribution by differential in a turn
  58. I'm stumped! Mini hydraulic jewelry press spec question, please help!
  59. Functional Back Brace For a Costume
  60. clay mixer or pug mill torque calculation
  61. Hydraulic Manifold Design Issues
  62. Design and engineering
  63. Calculating Total Deflection for Constant Load
  64. Ansys combined analysis of pressure and vibration
  65. Electrical signal attaches unit to free moving cable
  66. 6063-T5 aluminum help
  67. ⛔★ Help me design a simple time delay (not electrical)
  68. centrifugal pump operation
  69. Automated sample extraction from oven?
  70. Choosing an efficient compressor
  71. Newbie with alot of MFG questions for plastic light case
  72. Automated Tool Control
  73. Tightening torque for socket head countersunk screws
  74. An elevator/skip that is driven by the Earth's electric field.
  75. Material replacement
  76. hello everyone ,please help me out to specify a tolerance
  77. Ball screw rpm question
  78. Tracker Challenge
  79. Force transmitted along the helix of a thread
  80. Cone through an angled hole problem...statics..
  81. Is this 10:1 ratio correct...can you help me?
  82. how to calculate force required for automated retaining ring installation - HELP!!!
  83. Mechanical Engineering Important Question
  84. Calculate reaction force on bolt due to the force of object. Is this the right way?
  85. Clamp force/tensile force due to torque consideration.
  86. Bolt connection is Fix-Fix or Pin-Pin support?
  87. Is x=0 the same as "at the support" in the Cantilever Beam Calculator Formula?
  88. which bolt experience the highest tensile force. close to c.g or outermost
  89. How pressure regulator work ?
  90. Machine malfunction due to Cantilever design!
  91. Material Storage Rack by using Steel Angle
  92. design of thermic fluid pump
  93. Design of digital calendar, clock and 4 individual 24 hour alarms
  94. Attach Copper Washer to Bike Wheel to pass electrical current via Carbon Brush
  95. Screw Torque VS attachment material
  96. Ergonomic limits for thumb and 1st finger?
  97. How to select cable under tension....
  98. Spur Gear Rack
  99. Ring with Links as Shear Springs Tunnel Model
  100. How to calculate air cleaner volume for passenger cars