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  1. Unique project, in research phase
  2. Gear as spline?
  3. replicate gun recoil with a solenoid
  4. Old Cleco crane alignment
  5. Hands on design tools
  6. w_flange-monorail/w_flange_monorail_calculator error
  7. Pressure gain, loss or stays the same?
  8. Elevator chain design
  9. Help with a project in the university
  10. How to calculate clamping force on a shaft coupler?
  11. Need help determining shape and stress.
  12. Hospital Pendants Structural Calculation
  13. Vibration fixture design for Rugged Military Elctronic equipments
  14. Natural frequency relationship with Degree of freedom
  15. How to Calculate Static O-Ring Leak Rate?
  16. Fokker 100 Brake Disc Actuator Main Landing Gear
  17. Involute Gear Design - Dedendum Base Circle Relationship
  18. Wireless Power Transmission
  19. Catching wind to rotate a load
  20. 4 stage pumped water filter
  21. Conveyor Capacity Calculations need help please!
  22. How to calculate required Power in KW for Trolley
  23. Name of component?
  24. Force required to anchor frame
  25. How to clamp a thin (0.015") wire without knotting it?
  26. Handling parts off of lasers sharing material towers.
  27. Aluminum Cross Members for Roof Rack
  28. Joining two brass components - advice?
  29. Help with Plane frame analysis
  30. Fractional horsepower gearbox lubrication
  31. 76'diameter trapezium dome
  32. Beam Strength Question
  33. Looking for resources on methodologies of collapsing containers
  34. Hydraulic Jack 12 Volt DC - Engineering College Project, Need Suggetions.
  35. REverse Deep Drawing
  36. EES Help
  37. Box steel or angle iron ?
  38. Aluminum I-beam to replace wood beam
  39. Simply Compression and Tension experienced on piston problem.
  40. removing raised floor level
  41. Sheet Metal Design and Manufacturing
  42. fastener torque to axial force
  43. Assembly clamp idea needed
  44. Swaged Flemish eye pulled over a sheave
  45. spreader bar help
  46. Making a Small Crane to Lift Boudlers
  47. digital signal processing
  48. Force on a vertical angle
  49. Help with an insulated camera box - high temperature
  50. Help engineering design on bearing swivel for a Pole to mount a 1000lb plane windvane
  51. How can I deconstruct this project in a safe way?
  52. How is energy dissipated in a nail gun test rig?
  53. Ideas on constructing a spherical shell with a variable mass
  54. Which Size I should choose?
  55. effective height of a tall building including foundation-soil interaction
  56. American standard Keys and Keyseat
  57. Press brake punch depth and angle formulas
  58. Calculating maxium weight for a goods trailer
  59. Calculation for vacuum creation in heat exchanger
  60. Proper beam selection
  61. Calculating Pull Force Based on Bolt Torque
  62. Any chance MEP designs can be done within 4 days with excellent quality?
  63. Ceiling Support
  64. What type of paint/coating to to get matte smooth finish
  65. How to design this kind of plastic object
  66. Diametral Pitch Question
  67. Designing my own mobile phone
  68. pressure torque conversion
  69. Difference between world electricity generation and consumption?
  70. Deviate from a mil spec?
  71. LVL sizing
  72. Thrust Load on an Angle
  73. gland nut torque spec
  74. Figuring the flow rate and pressure of an air horn
  75. Finding power to move cart
  76. Reasonable deflection for a metal and wood table
  77. fundamental calculations - explanation
  78. Beam Removal?
  79. Fixing sagging flat roof joists
  80. What the heck is this?!?!?!
  81. Sling length for a basket hitch with two slings - More of a Geometry question.
  82. strength comparison between 6x6 pressure treated wood and 4x4 steel square tube
  83. Need help with using force gauge
  84. Alignment of Generator with Gear Box Coupling
  85. Sistering floor joists with a span of 11.5'
  86. 5120H Steel Round
  87. Lead Screw nut Force vs drive Torque
  88. Help! Possibly switching careers to biomedical engineering. Input appreciated :)
  89. Please help finding program to learn basics with...
  90. Career help - next step after Bachelor in Chemistry?
  91. House Addition and changing Structural Beams (or material)
  92. Helical plate bending
  93. Which kind of bearing to be use for axial shaft submerged in water/oil
  94. What is view factor for two concentric cylinders ?
  95. Need Review for my idea
  96. Calculating axle strength
  97. Building a portable storm shelter
  98. Is high-quality tooling with quick aluminum extrusion possible?
  99. guideline needed
  100. Angle iron stand strength for a fish tank stand