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  1. Angle iron stand strength for a fish tank stand
  2. Machines using fast-moving pumps/cylinders/compressors
  3. MOC vs RIK stories needed
  4. NAAMM AMP510-92 questions.
  5. What is your preferred quick extrusion profile size?
  6. Bolt Anchor Plate Design
  7. Structural Beam Stress and Deflection Calculations for Non-Engineers
  8. 1.5 -2.0 mm wire rope tapered end
  9. Copper Heat Sink Design Help
  10. Question: Title Block Default Tolerances
  11. Rotted floor joist repair?
  12. can't identify the root cause of the rust
  13. How much would it cost to remove this wall?
  14. Is this possible?
  15. Beam deflection
  16. Really good reasons to have in-house 3D printing
  17. Smart measuring instrument
  18. Screw conveyor design calculations
  19. bearing choice
  20. Ladder
  21. Motor for Flywheel Design?
  22. rectangular tubing as support member
  23. Support beam
  24. How much weight will 6061 T6 angle hold?
  25. Stroke of a cylinder
  26. Two U shaped retaining walls
  27. Newbie, simple for you, difficult for me.
  28. Pneumatic safety valve question
  29. 180 degree rotating table
  30. Stamping die life
  31. calculation of flow rate of water in heat exchanger
  32. need help designing and constructing a c band satellite dish
  33. Wear of Hard Chrome Plating
  34. What is API 570?
  35. Tubing Roller math and physics
  36. Directional strength of 6061 T6 Angle?
  37. Mini-putt course
  38. Chemical filtration for centrifugal compressors
  39. Business/Manufacturing Software
  40. Gears: when base circle diameter less than the root circle/dedendum
  41. Beam Span to lift a small plane
  42. Calculations for a Scissor Lift
  43. Need Clarification About A Chemical
  44. question about a crankshaft
  45. Question about Mechanism
  46. Newbie searching for optical faux-holographic feasibility
  47. Attic Floor Joist Sistering Options
  48. How to calculate for a lever?
  49. Pressure's effect on spring rate.
  50. michael_wilkinson
  51. Hopefully simple math question on square aluminum tubing.
  52. Collet Nut odd brass insert
  53. Coselle concept
  54. Need Help With Circuit Design
  55. AASHTO LRFD Edition 7
  56. Temperature diffrential methods and advise.
  57. Combining fabric to silicone/rubber
  58. Do I need valve springs?
  59. Load on Steel Plate
  60. Gasket Compression Design
  61. W12x22 swap for W10x33?
  62. chain drive over a gear drive
  63. Solid fuel burning fireplace stove ventilation
  64. Pneumatic Suspension
  65. Power of Roll forming
  66. Need to find solution to slow downfall
  67. Steam Energy Flow
  68. Typical Elastomeric Application Temperature Ranges
  69. Manufacturing vs Engineering issues
  70. Absorption of force by beam
  71. Threaded rod length recommendations
  72. Hidden Headlight Help?!?!
  73. Motion and Buffering Mechanism for Magentic rings
  74. PV Calculations
  75. How to calculate Co-efficient of Friction value
  76. Welding defect in welded carbon steel pipes from Italian manufacturer.
  77. Basic Tolerance Question.
  78. Strengthening/Straightening Staircase Stringer with Steel Angle Iron.
  79. What is the pressure on the exhaust side of a fan open to atmosphere?
  80. Identification of the gear wheel material
  81. Basic Statics Question - Loads at angles
  82. Forced Vibration with Eccentric Mass Shaker
  83. Statics problem, roller supports
  84. Density of Aluminum?
  85. internal blind spline relief or cross hole spec for manufacture
  86. Mechanical GoPro stabilizer
  87. Measuring DC motor inductance
  88. Fastener hardness, threads vs shank
  89. Wire Rope Certification
  90. Maximum Safe Operating Speed 31 Years Later
  91. How much weight will it hold?
  92. Header Sizing and Material
  93. Force Required to Lift Door
  94. Is it possible to mass produce a product like the Vein Viewer at a reasonable price?
  95. Correcting Modified Oil Flow
  96. Calculate welding strength?
  97. Circular Plate Deflection problem
  98. Spline DIN 5408 v AND20002
  99. Variable circumference circular damper
  100. Titanium Heat Treating and Aging