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  1. Rule of thumb strength question. Brass vs stainless steel
  2. Best spline type - rotational force into plastic
  3. Learning about turbines and thinking about the output.
  4. transmission project
  5. Concentric Rings with constraints
  6. No. of Holes
  7. Fundamentals of Design Engineering?
  8. How do you like Design Engineering?
  9. Tank Considerations: Pressure vs Vacuum.
  10. identifying proper motor
  11. Identifying a force
  12. Designing of a baler machine
  13. Trying to join PVC parts together
  14. Ball throwing mechanism
  15. My Hypothetical Hypersonic Jet Engine (With No Moving Parts... Promise!)
  16. 6m x 2m x 2m Trailer Design and Materials questions
  17. Drive line Calculations
  18. Bent plate cantilevers from wall
  19. Determination of load cycle for automobile bearing
  20. Reactions Calculations
  21. Vibration damping or isolation for a flight simulator platform
  22. Help with Centrifugal Force
  23. General Tolerances on Title Block Advantage/Disadvantage?
  24. Bolt tension on a cantilever beam?
  25. Bike structure
  26. Help with mechanical latch/clamp for homemade adjustable dumbbells!
  27. Selecting Candidate Manufacturing Process
  28. Design for Company & Liability
  29. Compressed gas tank pressure calculation! Please help
  30. Bull gear & Pinion gear Drive Problem
  31. Linear then Rotary Action
  32. catamaran building
  33. Bushing with 3/4-32 thread
  34. Guidance.
  35. Direct shear stress distribution
  36. Got an idea of a crazy bicycle and little technical background
  37. Azimuth angle of arrival signal on reflector
  38. Venturi Ejector Air Flow Mechanics
  39. Need help creating a data logging equation.
  40. stuck on this question concerning pumping water, any help would be appreciated
  41. Global Material Callouts
  42. Combustion and pressure rise
  43. how to increase axle strength
  44. vertical rotary car park system
  45. Cantilever gate
  46. Homogeneous mixing of two different liquids
  47. Calculating natural convection coefficient of horizontal base plate finned heat sink
  48. Design of chain drive
  49. guidance please, angle iron radio tower
  50. Torque reference chart.
  51. API Threads and Torque Values
  52. simple lever...
  53. Moment force on bearing in swivelcastor
  54. Automatic testing of electronic products
  55. Help with Hoist Design
  56. guidance needed on support plate for ambulance stretcher mounting
  57. Ultimate Beam Design Needed
  58. Question about designing something; Material choices, ect
  59. Automatic testing of electronic products
  60. Gear reducer. Steering system. BOAT
  61. Flexible shaft- Torque vs Length Relationship
  62. Calculating limiting pressure differential across a bearing
  63. Linear motor question
  64. Piston pump
  65. Lead screws
  66. How Gas Springs or Gas Struts are pressurized with nitrogen gas and then sealed?
  67. Pivoting Cantilevered Worktable Support Material
  68. How to manufacture waterfall faucet?
  69. Rock bolt analysis, cantilever calculation
  70. Need some guidance on getting a vacuum tumbler to production
  71. Concrete vault/Root Cellar Design
  72. Question about pipe in concrete
  73. how to determine the yield point of steel plate?
  74. Limit suction from a fan in an air extraction system.