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  1. Spur gear?
  2. Need an expert team for the nuclear forging
  3. Shear Stress on Plate - Mystery Equation
  4. Animation How A Gearbox Works
  5. Bagged Salt / Liquid Salt Brine usage in Cosmetic Industry
  6. Cantilever Jib Crane mounted to Stud Wall
  7. Minimum Beam Size for deck load?
  8. Double hydraulic press
  9. Some Math Mnemonic's
  10. pulley hoist system
  11. Flywheel Power Generation
  12. Calculation of the required engine torque to rotate the cylindrical shell
  13. Geared Motor - Torque requirements
  14. Surface Finish: RMA & RMS
  15. Gantry Crane Help
  16. found this could someone tell me what it is?
  17. Generating input file in Matlab
  18. Ozonation chamber - problem with gas tightness
  19. British Standards
  20. Conceptual Design vs Preliminary Design
  21. Question about involute gear profile design calculation
  22. How can CAD designs be shared during potential sale of company?
  23. Calculating the force required / Design of rack and pinion
  24. Help with load bearing cantilever design
  25. I Have a CD Rack With a Strange Metric Thread
  26. Help Request: Calculate Tank Level Based on Pressure
  27. What To Look For When Hiring A Structural Engineer?
  28. Screw torque specs
  29. Amateur question about coupling linear motion to a generator.
  30. Load weight/deflection question
  31. Practical Engineering Projects
  32. How do I realize the interfaces between the components of a schematic block diagram?
  33. Fuel lines rocket engine plumbing and length of nozzle
  34. Screw Conveying In Low Gravity
  35. Safety plate cacluations
  36. Pickup Truck Flatbed Design
  37. Static Newtons
  38. choosing the right solenoid valve
  39. Is angle iron strong enough
  40. Warped steel lentil
  41. Metal Building Foundation Details
  42. Material Identification
  43. Push Lever Folding Leg Mechanism
  44. Looking for advice on engineering companies
  45. Cantilever desktop support
  46. Stresses on axle
  47. Ideal Gas Law….?
  48. Detail for stem wall to slab connection
  49. Building a Beam
  50. Concrete wall w/ Wood Framing Wall?
  51. Torque required to open & close the gate.
  52. Pneumatic valve identification
  53. Hydrofoil
  54. Selection of hydraulic pump
  55. Adjustable Grinding Table - liability? (original-design) - design/advice
  56. Systems engineering detail design help!
  57. Servomotor
  58. Modicon m340
  59. Safety study
  60. Vessel Lifting Lug (location?)
  61. Airtight Pipe Fitting
  62. Air Tight Threads
  63. Span tables for structural aluminum beams? Design/construction ideas?
  64. Maximum holding weight of an M6 thumb screw
  65. Cat wheel
  66. Clutch Mechanism for Ankle Exoskeleton
  67. Load capacity of a homemade jib crane
  68. How to calculate shock absorber constants from known c and k values
  69. Beam Bending or Column Buckling equation?
  70. Modulus of subgrade reaction of soil
  71. Spring tube calculation/formula
  72. How to calculate an internal retaining ring bearing stress area
  73. How to calculate the damping on a cylinder
  74. 40° Pressure Angle, 36 Teeth 4.285 Pressure Angle, Please help
  75. Reliability Engineering Failure
  76. Automatic Alignment of Holes for Blind Riveting
  77. Press Forming? or turning?
  78. Thread engagment rules of thumb vs. published standards
  79. Turning a Regular folding wheelchair into a standing wheelchair.
  80. water Pushing I need to be able to calculate the maximum velocity that Ican push a sq
  81. Heat Exchanger
  82. Canti-fulcrum-anti gravity
  83. Can't login Mac
  84. Grounded joints as boundary condition for random vibe analysis in Ansys Mechanical
  85. Internal Thread Yield Strength Calculation
  86. Gantry A frame analysis
  87. Mechanism with vertical shaft
  88. Join 6"x6" wooden beams horizontally, bridge building
  89. Maximum torque 2" keyed shaft
  90. storing 4000 watts of solar energy..
  91. Footfall induced vibration
  92. Beam integrity with reinforced holes??
  93. Square head plugs
  94. Fan-Motor System resonance
  95. Calculus Simplified
  96. Solar Canopy strength
  97. Question: Is it safe to cut a hole in foundation wall
  98. Rack & Pinion Mechanical stop