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  1. Positional Tolerance for Hexagonal Features
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  3. Hole referencing a perpendicular plane
  4. Where in Y14.5M is Third-Angle Projection identified as the default?
  5. GD&T Composite Feature Control Frame
  6. Die Set Hole Position Tolerance
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  8. Hole and Peg tolerance
  9. GD&T Datum References
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  12. Question on Datum Reference Frame
  13. Is this a method of GD&T simultaneous referencing?
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  15. Positional Tolerance of FHCS's???
  16. Go-gage help
  17. Pattern of 4 slots as datum
  18. GD&T (workbook)
  19. Older engineering drawing symbols
  20. Gd&t for a radial hole
  21. Position of round slot
  22. Applying the correct Dim.
  23. GD&T Position Tolerance and continuous Feature symbol application
  24. GD&T Is this dimension .002 or .002 Max?
  25. Can 3 square holes in an L formation be called out as Datum B?
  26. positional control and datum references GD&T
  27. ISO standard GPS and dimension tolerances and iso 8015 standard
  28. Problem understanding those callouts
  29. Which dim to use?
  30. Datum Features