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  5. need help
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  11. Is there any specific Pressure gauge for air,water,gas or vapor Pressure ???
  12. help me to find a good process for internal deburring in a 40ft pipe
  13. Tray dryer oven design
  14. Biocompatible Paint for medical product
  15. Basic Hydraulics
  16. Chemical Tee Connections
  17. Vena Contracta in orifice plates
  18. Noise in Control Valves
  19. Impact (impulse) between two rotating (around fixed axis) bodies
  20. Air Speed required for car drying
  21. Balancing Crankshaft during testing
  22. Hydraulic Motor calculations
  23. Flashdrum in biodiesel process
  24. Belt edge detection in 100 degree C hazardous location
  25. looking for economical and very small water heating device...
  26. How to solve the "last mile" issue in traffic
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  29. hydraulics for sawmill
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  31. no play peg in hole that locks but can be removed and replaced easily
  32. Calculate load on pipe supported on multiple points
  33. How to design a thermal oxidizer?
  34. Does Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronics best complement Industrial Design
  35. pressure test
  36. torsion calculator
  37. Request advice towards the design of a mechanical system (Read On...)
  38. New user
  39. Advanced Force,Toque Question
  40. Torque calculation
  41. Can Cast iron be used to make ISO Roller chain sprockets?
  42. Mechanical Power Transfer???
  43. Heat transfer for making coconut sugar
  44. help me pls..
  45. Welding PFC efficiently
  46. What’s the best furnace design?
  47. Bearing Thickness
  48. custom built spec lift trailer build/calculations
  49. Gear box and motor selection fro a given load
  50. Maximum torque for M24 nut onto hollow threaded shaft
  51. help wanted
  52. Hydraulic jack
  53. Aluminium alloy
  54. Losing Bolts from Fixtures
  55. How we found the life of bearing
  56. Calculate the closed height of the hydraulic scissor lift.
  57. Numbers of cylinders ????????
  58. Bending and torsional moment
  59. Optimal Orifice Size - given these specs?
  60. Scissor lift with vertical cylinders
  61. Scissor lift strength
  62. Centrifugal Pump belts and sheave guard strength
  63. Pneumatic or electric actuator for tribometer?
  64. Torsion in a shaft
  65. Processing Furnace Gas Controls
  66. Help! Thread terminology!
  67. Plastic handle for hand saw
  68. Usage of worm gear
  69. Fixture Design - COG
  70. Strength of Aluminium base plate
  71. Industrial design of cars and biometrics
  72. Circular/Arched Track
  73. inspection method of a machined part
  74. inspection method of a machined part
  75. Strength of aluminum and mild steel tubing?
  76. Need Assistance on Shoulder Bolt Design
  77. Spray nozzles for large jet engine
  78. Best Program for Building Energy Simulation
  79. Trying to identify the French equivalent expression for cold rolling mill.
  80. New user and glad to be here: Kinematic chains
  81. Vehicle lift
  82. Another lift mechanism
  83. AC vector motors and drives
  84. Valve Extension Spindle Support
  85. Sheet metal forming and die design
  86. Bolted connections, submerged in oil. How to ensure safety?
  87. Need help with chlorine scrubbing wet scrubber
  88. product design thin shell structure mechanics
  89. Cold rivet snap size help please
  90. Cast Nylon Rod
  91. Hot air required for conveyor oven
  92. .. help. sizing gantry crane gantry 2 tons of steel furniture
  93. proper size tool for the job
  94. Design Software needed
  95. plz help me Matlab or EES
  96. Need industrial equipment's for measurement
  97. Steam Condenser help dry out air before exhausting
  98. Tolerances per ANSI B4.2
  99. Improving Assembly Process
  100. Simple Question, Bolt Axial Load