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  3. Civil 3D Intersection Design
  4. Modal participation Factor and modal mass coefficient for the first mode in SAP2000
  5. box girder distortion
  6. Shear friction modeling for Concrete specimens in SAP 2000
  7. Overhang beam
  8. submerged inlet, perm pool of pond extends way up back into pipe
  9. Function for open channel flow rate with input variable for inflow
  10. Silica in Domestic Water Issue
  11. Surveying - Understanding How Face 1 and Face 2 Value Are Observed
  12. Air Flow Through a 2 Stroke Engine and Air Quality Effects Questions
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  14. pond airlift as hydroelectric generator?
  15. stressed skin geodesic dome questions
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  18. Benefits of Building a New Bridge Versus Repairing the Old Bridge IPC
  19. Perform torsion testing on steel reinforcement - But Why?
  20. Shear cracks and Flexural cracks on a 3 point bending test
  21. Flexural Strength and Aggregate Size Of Concrete
  22. Steel Water Main on Bridge
  23. Bullk Unit Weight of Aggregates
  24. Looking for assistance with a Wind Load Calculation
  25. How a Tensil Stress Strain Curve Is Created
  26. Familiar with HEC-RAS? (related to Water Resources Management and Engineering)
  27. Autocad gridline coordinates aren't in y,x
  28. reversal of concrete pressure calc.
  29. Removing existing underpurlin for vaulted ceiling
  30. Civil Engineering...worth the struggle?
  31. Calculating Moments of a Tank Wall of Water
  32. Environmental Engineering or Civil Engineering?
  33. Single-Step Flocculation for reclaiming Parts Washer wastewater?
  34. Uniform & Non Uniform Flow Types
  35. Leveling floor joists issue
  36. Obtaining Average Stress & Strain From Load Vs Deflection
  37. Understanding Principal Stresses In Soil Mechanics
  38. Interpreting a Stress - Strain Curve
  39. Does A Large Eulers Value Also Equal A Large Youngs Modulus?
  40. Calculating Youngs Modulus
  41. Reaction Forces - Bending Moment Diagram - Shear Force Diagram
  42. Support Types and Their Reaction Forces
  43. Solution To Home Floor Joist Deflection?
  44. Reynolds Number
  45. Oedometer Testing - Soil Analysis
  46. Looking for an answer
  47. Bending Moment Sign Convention
  48. Calculating Vertical Support Reactions
  49. Pin Jointed Truss Deflection Question
  50. Describing Different Types of Structures
  51. New sonotube footing next to existing
  52. Knee brace placement
  53. Taking Moments Propped Cantilever
  54. Fixed End Moments for 2 x Different Point Loads
  55. When to use which equation for head loss thru filter bed?
  56. Converting latitude longitude altitude intoXYZ Co-ordinates
  57. Slope Equation for Self Cleaning Sewage Pipes
  58. How To Calculate Pressure of Underground tank walls and how to calculate wall thickne
  59. Safe Load Bearing Capacity
  60. Hitting with the pipes underground while construction
  61. Naturally Remediating Soil - Former Gasworks Site
  62. Land Alterations Flood Neighbor Property
  63. Hydraulic Flow Control Structure
  64. Engineering a flood resilient structure
  65. HEC-RAS problem_no altitude interpolation
  66. Retaining Wall drainage
  67. Dual filter backwash
  68. Seeking Help with SCIA Engineer and RFEM for Concrete Block Maritime Constructi
  69. need some help on beam design