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  1. Emc˛ is Incomplete - Physics
  2. Is it Better to Walk or Run in the Rain?
  3. Common Physics Misconceptions
  4. Gyroscope Tricks and Physics Stunts
  5. Space and time theoretical physics video
  6. Vibration problem
  7. Base Calc Phy (Kicking my butt)
  8. System resonance revisited
  9. Homework Questions
  10. Force is energy?
  11. Help me! Help me!! Help me!!!
  12. Force required to lift Wall Bed
  13. Possibility of a Maglev Car
  14. Birth of Physics and Newton's Apple
  15. Calculating tipping force?
  16. torque = inertia x acceleration, inertia help for tube
  17. Calculation question
  18. Force of Water against Plywood @ 6", 1', 1.5", 2', 2.5' etc.
  19. Diffraction tips
  20. Complicated Moment of Inertia Calc
  21. RMP calculation
  22. calculating tension of wire rope
  23. prefixes and powers
  24. Isentropic expansion or throttling process?
  25. Two structural beams I have to be brutally...stiff
  26. Eddy Current Braking
  27. Alum plate for camper top
  28. Counterbalance- upright calculation
  29. Young's Modulus and elastomers
  30. Displacement in air balloon from person
  31. Simple lift calculations for pivoting load; help, please.
  32. Describing a wave-like system
  33. Cantilever beam deflection
  34. Counterweight
  35. A rigger looking for help!
  36. Moment of Inertia - Cylinder with Flats
  37. Help with with a problem! Looking for a genius!
  38. Adding energy to a closed system
  39. Putting energy equals same energy gained
  40. Mathematically proving "can't push on a rope"
  41. inertia formula for con rod
  42. Force to bend a rod in a hole
  43. Permanent Magnetic-fieds
  44. Propeller asymmetrical forces in sustained horizontal turns, vs dive pull out
  45. Statics help: Rigid body equilibrium
  46. Free-body diagram for beam element. (partial derivatives)
  47. Shear strength comparison cast steel/EN40T
  48. Relativity
  49. Hanging Chain = Parabola Proof
  50. Differential Equation Graphing Simulator
  51. Roller Coaster Graphical Simulator
  52. Question about (non-nuclear) Radiation
  53. Transmission of sound and images
  54. Engineers Edge Forum Question
  55. Can Apply the Newton Motion III Law, in a Cycle System Motor Engine Device
  56. Scissor Lift Formula
  57. Thermal expansion stress
  58. Magnet Keepers