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  1. Caltex Capella 68 or Shell Calvus 68
  2. Need some advice on getting started
  3. Help with Compression Shocks
  4. Transitioning to mechanical engineering, where to start?
  5. Cantilever beam sizing
  6. Fatigue Reliability on Endurance Limit
  7. Trouble with torsion spring calculations
  8. Becoming a Mechanical Engineer
  9. Thinking about going contract to full time, not sure how much to ask
  10. Need some help with lever design
  11. Need Modulus of Elasticity of Flexible PVC
  12. manufacturing methods for precision small hole making
  13. Wind Turbine Drag
  14. Turbines to recharge an electric vehicle
  15. Help with complete novice
  16. Advantages and disadvantages of bevel gears
  17. plz help with his problem. how to approach it.
  18. How to fix leakage in hydraulic cylinder?
  19. Pneumatic System
  20. How to calculate distributed point load for a cantilever?
  21. Age Hardening 17-4 PH
  22. Rigid frame analysis
  23. heat transfer- conduction problem
  24. Need Very Simple Help on a School Project
  25. E value for Phenolic LE
  26. Troubleshooting Shaft Wear
  27. Mechanical products
  28. Mini Project on Engineering Material (Polymer)
  29. Force required for tipping of structure
  30. Reducing/Dampening Noise and Vibrations in a High impact system
  31. Parallel Pump Operation for BFP
  32. (NEW) Help with Electromagnetic Braking Principles
  33. Engineering Thermofluids - Convective heat transfer and steady state conduction probl
  34. air /water
  35. extraction of water from air
  36. Point load
  37. Gear torque --- help me please
  38. Understanding the actual mechanics of what goes on in flow in pipes
  39. Trying to get reaction force on bolt.
  40. Strain Gauge Data
  41. Does total reaction force exerted on bolt need to take account clamp force ?
  42. type of support for this beam?
  43. Riveting Stuff
  44. How do I represent load distribution on beam for equipment that is half out?
  45. why type of support for diving board is assume as pin/roll, why not fix support?
  46. How do I calculate tension force for scattered bolt on plane
  47. Polyrow Pumps
  48. Pressure in heating system
  49. Calculating the rise of a beam beyond it's support
  50. Need an answer (Power trasmission belts )
  51. Non-contact High Speed Braking System
  52. Coal fired boiler
  53. How to calculate the torque that a flywheel will deliver.
  54. Strain Gauges. How do I pick the right one?
  55. solar water pump
  56. One way valve is there a kind like this ?
  57. Cable Winch with programmable attraction
  58. Pull out force for aluminium base with self tapping screw
  59. Calculating Tolerances on a Part
  60. Measure of Basic Dimension
  61. Self Activating Trigger/Timer
  62. why plastic for this piece?
  63. Vapor/bubbles after pump
  64. Help with making a custom office chair for Music listening
  65. Help with Aquarium stand made of Aluminium
  66. Torque required to move load
  67. Heat transfer through convection & radiation
  68. Low friction ratchet mechanism
  69. Join two links by pushing and creating revolute joint
  70. Chain snaps
  71. Internal spur Gear Design
  72. Engine in-cylinder pressure validation
  73. How engineering forums help engineering students ?
  74. Changing from cam followers
  75. How do i calculate the strength of a friction hinge?
  76. How to apply a constant, gradually increasing load to a machine.
  77. Rack & Pinion versus Lead/ball Screw
  78. Overhead magnetic conveyor design considerations
  79. Crown and spur gears
  80. A2-70 Material for Washers
  81. Importance of Machining Tantalum
  82. Slider crank torque
  83. Contact pressure - screw pretension
  84. The Journal Bearing Temperaure Raising During Rainy
  85. Does this mechanism have a name?
  86. Stress acting on Rack?
  87. I need help to findout the mechanism
  88. Compression Force on square tube
  89. Horizontal Rod Size Required
  90. Plastic Part Carrying Torque and Radial Load
  91. Siemens plc- lost back-up and unable to access the programs.
  92. How do I determine a desired Charpy/Izod result?
  93. Urethane, 90 Duro strain energy
  94. AISI 304 L Tube to tube-sheet weld failure
  95. Repair options for leakage in a regenerator (Heat exchanger)
  96. gear design software
  97. Belt and Pulley
  98. I need to lift a roof
  99. Metric gears
  100. calculation of water flow rate in heat exchanger (water-air type)